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Hello - just curious if anyone here does some PB fanfiction! I've been reading and re-reading the A&O series and MT all day. And I'm dying for the new book. So, at last, I have succumbed to fanfiction.

If anyone here has any - I'd love to read it!

I, after reading through A&O decided to do a Bran and Leah oneshot. If anyone would like to read. Or we could switch! :D

Here's the link to mine -

And I'd appreciate if anyone could give me feedback and share links to more PB fanfiction!

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Jonetta (ejaygirl) Have you been to Briggs site to read the first chapter of River Marked?

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Jonetta wrote: "Have you been to Briggs site to read the first chapter of River Marked?"

Yes, I have! :D

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Here's some more fanfiction!!!

I'd love it if I could find some more! I thought there might be some people on here that write, but keep it to themselves and don't post?

I have checked all the 'big' fanfiction websites and can't seem to find a whole lot - is everyone in hiding???

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Nephilim | 3 comments Here's mine comment please

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