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Chapter 7: Bringing Practice Into the Classroom

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Franki Sibberson | 19 comments Mod
This is for discussions around thoughts and ideas from Chapter 7.

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Gaby Richard-harrington | 13 comments If revising work and an authentic audience gives rise to motivation to succeed, and one of the complaints of tests vs papers or performances is the absence of the required revision - not the pressure of the test, then what if we require the correction of all mistakes on tests including the high stakes state test (until they disappear)? On Page 110 one student talks about not the pressure of the high stakes test, but the fact that" it is a one shot deal so she doesn't push herself that hard." Wow! If I had to spend my summer fixing my mistakes on my final test, I would want to make fewer mistakes. This would require a fast turn over in the scoring!!!

In MA, the tests are taken in March and May. The students get their scores the following October. If the test supposedly assesses their competence in the subject matter from one grade, why are they 1/4 of the way through the next year when the scores are returned? From what we know about motivation, immediacy, and kids...I am certain that with these practices we are not assessing content competence; we are proving that students are not motivated to do well on this type of testing.

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Gaby Richard-harrington | 13 comments Why don't we test the last week of school on the entire year's work? Wouldn't this be better? I think it would make students almost look forward to 1/2 day of testing and some other fun activities in between to celebrate the last week(s). If you don't show up or make up the test, you don't move on to the next grade.

Once state testing is done in May - school is over in the eyes of many students and perhaps even some teachers...

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