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Girls' Dorm

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JennyGrace  M. ((This is where the girls all sleep, like in Harry Potter))

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JennyGrace  M. Amber walked into her dorm and flopped on her bed. Ah, sweet solitude. no roomie to bother with. but who was she kidding? she was one of those people who loved having tons of people surrounding her, she couldn't stand being alone. she sat propped against her pillows and kept writing

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn sighed and when by her,"I hate bio,"

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "If i get lower then a B my dad is going to kill me,"Daelyn said.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "yeah, but he will turn off my phone,"Daelyn sighed.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Of course,"Daelyn giggled.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "You are,"Daelyn smiled.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Alright..."daelyn sighed.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Uhmmm b 75%,"Daelyn guessed.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Ohh, gosh i know every subject but biology,"Daelyn sighed.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Sure,"Daelyn smiled.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn caught it and started to eat it.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "I heard really heard anything,"Daelyn said.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Lets what?"Daelyn asked looking at her.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Lets go to the movies tonight,"Daelyn said.

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JennyGrace  M. Amber sat outside her dorm, leaning against the door, wishing for something to do

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Just Go with it,"Daelyn nodded.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Alright, what do you want to do till then?"Daelyn asked.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "No, i have heard about her i have not seen her,"Daelyn said.

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JennyGrace  M. Amber went back into her dorm and sat in her planet chair, staring out the window

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn was right behind Mellissa.

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JennyGrace  M. Amber turned when she heard a knock on the door, she got up and slowly walked to the door, opening "hi" she said

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JennyGrace  M. Amber nodded "Hi. I'm Amber"

message 24: by Alaina (new)

Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Im Daelyn,"She smiled.

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JennyGrace  M. Amber smiled "hi"

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JennyGrace  M. Amber smiled and nodded, she leaned against the door frame "So..." she said

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JennyGrace  M. Amber nodded "ok" she said

message 28: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Amber nodded and quickly slid on a pair of dark blue, slightly sparkly pumps

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JennyGrace  M. Amber walked down the hallway with them, ignoring the stares she got from some of the guys

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn layed down on her bed was still smiling

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Im sorry,"Daelyn sighed,"Im just so happy!"

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "I can't im so happy,"Daelyn sang laughing.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Come and try,"Daelyn giggled.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "I will try,"Daelyn sighed.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn sighed and just layed there not able to sleep.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn had finially fell asleep.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn woke up and looked at her.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Ok, talk,"Daelyn said sitting up.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn hugged her,"I wouldn't go out with him"

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "I wouldnt no more,"Daelyn said.


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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn sighed and nodded.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "You will,"Daelyn nodded.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Of course!"Daelyn said.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn sighed and layed back down.

message 45: by Alaina (new)

Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn slowly fell back asleep.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Daelyn got up and looked at Mellissa.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Are you alright?"Daelyn asked.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Im sorry,"Daelyn sighed.

((Do you want me to make a crush for her?))

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) ((Alright just give me a min....))

"I feel like it is,"Daelyn sighed

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) "Someone will be lucky to find someone like you,"Daelyn slighly smiled.

((I found a pic going to make it now))

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