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Who wants a free book?

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Mark Carter Having self-published the least-successful (sold 1 copy to date) humor-driven fantasy book of 2010, I thought I would offer a FREE copy to the first fortunate member of 'Goodreads' who requests it.
It is in what I would describe as 'slightly read' condition. Writing, formatting and publishing my debut novel was definitely the easy part. Getting anyone to take an interest though is harder than I imagined. If there is anyone out there who's interested in taking a chance on an unheard-of author and likes a laugh with their sci-fi then let me know and I'll send you a copy.

message 2: by meleah (new)

meleah I'll take a free book if it's still available.

message 3: by meleah (new)

meleah I just realized this was posted in 2011 :p

message 4: by Mark (new) - added it

Mark Carter Well, the years pass by don't they. 2013. I can still let you have a copy of my book if you'd like. I'd rather be read than paid at the moment. If you still want a copy (i see that your follow up blog is a year old - LOL) then e-mail me at '' and i'll get one too you....eventually.
All the best.
Myriad Sprite

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