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message 1: by William (new)

William Graney | 99 comments Mod
Recently read books that took place in Siberia (non fiction) and Bangladesh (fiction). Neither book rated very high on my favorites list but both did generate an interest in those particular locations and led me to do a little more research.
Wondering if anyone developed a passion for a particular location based upon a book you happened to read or if you've ever gone somewhere because you read about the location in a book.
I read Shogun many years ago and it led me to become very interested in all things Japanese. Decades later I'm still fascinated with Japanese landscapes, art, culture, food, etc.

message 2: by Delphine (new)

Delphine Pontvieux | 8 comments yes i had something similar happen to me. i read Shantaram two years ago and since then i am dying to go to India.
Also when i was younger, i read a book, 342 heures dans les Grandes Jorasses by René Desmaison (a book about a mountain expedition in the Alpes) lent to me by a very good friend. 2 weeks later, i went rockclimbing with him for the first time and became hooked. needless to say, i read similar books about mountaineering and rock climbing in general for years and years after that. then i moved to places without mountains and renewed a passion with scubadiving instead, and the same thing has happened. Any book related to diving, especially wreck and cave diving, has found a place in my library.

message 3: by Waterman (new)

Waterman | 1 comments Just finished reading Simon Winchesters 'Atlantic' which I enjoyed. The descriptions had me looking in the atlas and on google maps and images. I often do that start reading and then sit with a map next to me following the story location by location. i read Shogun manymany years ago too. Hawaii by James Michener was a book I remember reading and the story really got me interested in the island of Hawaii and its history etc. I also surf which also signals another point of contact.

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