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Roleplay here!

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L (audinosbiitch) Okie!
I guess we make the character's in here?
Name: Wren
Age: 1800(18)
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Talents: Speed, tree things..

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Name: Grendolwen
Age: 1700
Gender: Femaile
Hair: Silver, blue.
Eyes: Blue
Talents: Music, animals, water.
Other: Can they maybe be sisters?

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Fine by me!))
Wren looked down out of the leaves of a tree, sitting like a statue, camouflaged perfectly with her leafy shirt, brown hair, and dark skin.

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Grendolwen looked at her older sister with a soft smile. They looked completely different-- she had pale skin with silvery long hair, and an alarming shade of electric blue. She skimmed the surface of the aqua.

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L (audinosbiitch) Wren leaped out of the tree, arms held elegantly out to her sides as she flipped twice, then became a stiff line as she broke the surface of the water. As the water lapped over her head, Wren changed, going from stiff like a pencil to flowing, like the water. She opened her eyes, feeling no sting. She looked up out of the water, watching Grendolwen.

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L (audinosbiitch) Her feet hit the pebbled bottom of the pool, and kicked off with amazing force, her head breaking the surface of the water in under three seconds.

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You could easily see that Gwendolwen was shocked by her sisters actions. She automatically ducked, and being showered with a great splash of water. She giggled when she straightened herself up. "Hey!" she protested, diving gracefully in to the water.

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L (audinosbiitch) Wren grinned, flipping over backwardnd diving to the bottom of the pool. Her dark hair swirled about her in a great cloud of strands and fluff. Her eyes stared around for signs of her sister.

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Gwendolwen shyly tapped Wren on the shoulder, grinning broadly with her hands on her hips. Her hair looked like a jellyfish, bobbing up and down in the water.

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Shyly is such a weird word...))
Wren turned, smiling at her sister.

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((I know. :D))

"Hello," she said. As she spoke the words, no sound came out, but instead bubbles shaped themselves into the greeting.

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L (audinosbiitch) Wren laughed. "Heya." Using the same trick, she greeted her sister.

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Gwendolwen poked the bubbles with a giggle. She stuck her tongue out playfully.

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L (audinosbiitch) Wren giggled, turning her head back and forth so the clouds of hair were dragged around.

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The elf pushed off the sandy banks and swam up to the shore, her hair wet and pressed to her dress.

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L (audinosbiitch) Wren kicked off the pebbles, taking in a gulp of air as her soaking head broke the surface of the water.

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She sat down on the beach with a smile, hugging her knees. "Wasn't that refreshing?"

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L (audinosbiitch) "No kidding. I've been needing this for months!" Wren agreed, side-stroking to the beach and climbing out.

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"Luckily, it`s free for us whenever." Gweldolwen layed down on the soft sand, shading her eyes from the bright sun.

((Shall we have a plot?))

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Uh, what do you suggest?))
"At least it's not on the Roay Elves side." Wren said. They were currently at war, or something like an argument, with the Foresters.

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((Go on a journey, comfort a King, or something? *shruggs*
Or, as for the war, they could go to the other side and ask for peace? And then when they say no, travel to a different land to ask for help?))

Gwendolewen nodded in agreement. "Completely, utterly innocent." She breathed a sigh of relief. "No one can tell us not to do so anymore."

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Okay. Maybe they could pick up somebody from the Roay Elves who accompanies them on their journey.))
"Yes..." Wren's voice drifted off. ((Oh! Can they be relatives of royalty? Or distantly royal in some way?))

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((kay. Can you PM me?))

Gwendolwen smiled faintly as she closed her eyes.

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L (audinosbiitch) ((PM?))

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((Message me.))

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Okay.))

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((I like the idea. maybe they should go off during the night (someone wakes them up urgently)?))

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L (audinosbiitch) ((Okay. But first they have to get back to the castle/city.))

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