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message 1: by Mays (new) - added it

Mays Jasim i love this book but it is a little sad

Mackenzie yeahh but i didnt think that it was sad

message 3: by Maria B. (new)

Maria B. Quagliana miley cyrus is messed up now!

Oumiie i agree with you guys

Theresa she is karazy but i liked the book

message 6: by Sadie (new)

Sadie it was a good book...if only she followed what she said she wanted to do and how she wanted her life!

Oumiie i know right!!! who would you recommend this book to?? i would recommend it to teens!!

Amiee i really loved miley before!! but now i feel she is a FREAK!!ruining herself,but the book was good....

Nathalie I loved Miley that's why I bought the book but she had changed since then now she is crazy I still hear some of her music but I can't stand seeing what she does on the stage is like she didn't know she had a lot of little girls as her fans.

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