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Joy and Nina Scene

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments Nina enters her room and I was sitting on Amber's bed thinking Wasn't this Patricia and my bedroom before? "Hi Nina!" I said.

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I walked into my room and sitting on Ambers bed was Joy.
"Hi. Amber said you wanted to talk to me about something."

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "Yeah!" ((Got to go I'll be back but I'm going to the mall now! Bye!))

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As I walked of to my bed and set my backpack down I began to feel a little akward....I'm mean I really dont know Joy and why would she want to talk to me? Why not Patrica I mean they are friends? "So what do you need to talk about?" Truly confused.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "I need to know what you know about what's going on?" I said like she was anyone else and not the girl who has single handly taken over my life!

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When I heard her say these words my heart began to race and my palms became sweaty. Should I really tell her what I know? I mean yeah she was basically kidnapped and I had taken her place but should I really trust her? What about the rest of Sibuna....would I be portraying their trust by sharing this information with her? We had worked so hard as a team to.figure these secrets and still had so much more to uncover. My mind was whirling with these questions and I could see Joy growing more anxious as time went by. I slowly got up my bed and turned my back to her." Joy....there are things about his house, secrets and mysteries that are really complicated. We...I mean I'm still trying to figure it out. People are not who you think they are...." That's all I could say.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "Yeah I know and I must say you should really stop looking because there is really noting to find!" I said rembering...

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"How do I know you weren't mistaken?" I said.
Sibuna and I had worked so hard and still there was so much to uncover....something not right. I knew in my heart that I couldn't give up, not when Sarah had given me this quest. Its my duty to solve the mystery of the Anubis house.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "Because I found a few clues and I tryed to find the hidden things and then one morning I woke up and they were gone and I was moving away from Anubis house! Even if you find somthing the'll know!" I said trying to sum this up as quickly as posiable.

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Joy got my attention when she told me that she had found some clues.
Trying to say this in a rational and calm voice I asked, " What kind of clues did you find?"

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "Same as you are or did from the looks of it," I said pointing to a egyptian looking artifact. "Well I found that one exactly that one and well one day it was just gone."

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"Are you sure?" If its true then Victor must be up to something....I think I need to get Fabian and the rest of Sibuna for a meeting. I bet that's why I found to puzzle pecies in Victors safe the night of the play.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "And the next day I was off my parents came and picked me up and I was no longer going to school!"

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What Joy was saying was making a lot of sense, but something inside me just didn't seem to add up. Biting my lower lip I tried to gather my thoughts....She had some good argumentatives, but we haven't gotten into severe trouble yet. I mean sure there was the incident with Alfie but it only led us more to believing something was up. I think more than anything I need to have a meeting with Sibuna."I believe with what your saying a lot of it....just give me time to figure out something, I promise the moment I fear for danger I will stop." Trying to reason with her.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "Well I just don't want anything to happen to anyone." At this point she was probaly how I knew that she had found the stuff but I couldn't tell her the truth she just has to stop looking!

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My mind was hard at work trying to process all that has happened.
Thank you for caring about my well being I really appreciate it, just let me figure somethings out. As I turned to exit my room onto question still lingered in my head.I turned on my heels and looked at her from across the room."Why did you come to me? Why not Patrica, Amber or Mara...I mean we hardly know each other."

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "You don't understand I can't talk to Patricia, and Amber just would not understand!"

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"You think I understand?!" My mind was racing with thoughts.
"I know I can't understand what your going through, you don't know what I have been through to get this far....I just can't stop now!" Itching closing closer to the door.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "Yeah well better than Amber!" I said

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I had to laugh inside just for the fact that Amber was involved in the mystery."Would you have given up if you had come this far?" I said hoping she would see reason.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "I didn't have a choice and you may not either." I said.

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