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The Adjustment Bureau

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message 1: by David (new)

David (dshaw84) | 1 comments The most significant PKD moment thus far in 2011 must be the release of the latest adaptation of his work, "The Adjustment Team". The new film 'The Adjustment Bureau', starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt has been generating buzz over the last few months, and needless to say, has kept me in anxious wait.

I have been following developments of the film since I discovered it would be the next PKD-related big budget film, and am finally welcoming its arrival after the near 6 month delay.

The film purports to be a 'loose' adaptation, but should certainly deliver enough of the original material to satisfy PKD fans not to mention audiences in general. "The Adjustment Team" is only a short story after all, so it may only serve as a blueprint for the story's plot and narrative basis. But knowing Dick's influence and thematic consistency, this film should certainly highlight PKD's views on controlled-fate vs. predestination. Once again, providing a playing ground for mind games that (usually) leave us in wondrous perplexity--in classic Dick fashion.

Opens March 4th, in North America--wide release.

message 2: by Ricky (new)

Ricky (trulyblissed) | 1 comments I hope it's good, no great!

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Lewis I watched this the other night without realising it was based on a PKD story. I really liked it. I haven't read "The Adjustment Team" but I now I really want to. The movie was good, but with the expected Hollywood boy-meets-girl treatment. I'm looking forward to comparing it to PKD's version.

message 4: by Byron 'Giggsy' (new)

Byron  'Giggsy' Paul (giggsy) interesting. When I heard the movie was coming out I read the short story in advance. Hollywood definitely added the romantic boy-meets-girl treatment. Ultimately I was quite disappointed with the movie. I felt it had potential to be a true great sci-fi movie... there were glimpses of this potential throughout the movie.

In the end I guess I have the same generic complaint many others have. The Wikipedia calls it a 'fantasy romantic thriller film', which is spot on, and I wanted a 'science fiction film'

I do recommend PKD fans watch it though. You can combine Dick's story, some interesting visuals from the movie, and your own imagination to come up with something worth pondering.

ᴹᵗᴮᵈ멘붕 (mtbd215) i still have to see this

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