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Kaiter | 2 comments This includes spoilers.

The book is a novella and I read it within the last three years although I'm not sure when it was written. I would guess post 2005 but I'm not sure. It's for young adults and focuses on a boy in high school. He is a bully and one of the memorable things he does is leave a dead mouse in the locker of a girl that he and his friends target. She tells on him and his friends but the principle never does anything about the abuse.

The boys he hangs out with want to beat the girl up but he doesn't want to go along with that. He ends up finding them beating up the girl in the woods and after being beaten by them gets them to run away when a police siren sounds and he says it's coming for them.

After saving the girl he is labeled a snitch and was forced to change schools. The girl also changed schools and it was implied that they became friends after the events of the story concluded. At the end he also finally gained respect for his father's integrity.

Any help you could give in locating this book would be wonderful. It's very good but I can not remember if it's won any awards or not. I'm fairly sure the author is a woman.


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Kaiter, are you still looking for this book?

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No response; moved to Abandoned.

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