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Sunstar padded out of his den and looked around the camp.

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BlizzardFire stretched as she woke up, sitting outside her den.

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BlizzardFire stretched again then walked over to Sunstar, she sat next to him "Hello Sunstar, how are you?"

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"Good, how are you Fireblaze?"

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"I'm doing quite fine today."

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"Good, I thought that I would send out a hunting patrol would you like to lead it?"

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((wouldnt we need more cats?))

" Yes I would just tell me who to bring."

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((hmmm...........YOUR RIGHT!))

"Just get the best hunters"

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(( Thats going to be a problem then))


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Thistleclaw | 59 comments Jaggedfang came back to camp with some rabbits and laid them on the freshkill pile.

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Opaleye began grooming herself, and though about hunting moves.

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BlizzardFire walked over to Opaleye. "Goodmorning Opaleye, Fireblaze wants me to get cats for a Hunting Patrol, would you like to come?"

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments Jaggedfang was watching the cats in the camp with his paws tucked underneath him.

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BlizzardFire turned her head to look at JaggedFang and caled out "Would you like to come to?"

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments Jaggedfang nodded and padded over.

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BlizzardFire streched again then lead the group out of the camp, sniffing the air for prey.

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments Jaggedfang bolted after a rabbit he had scented.

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BlizzardFire scented a squirrel up in a tree, she crawled to the tree and climbed it stealthly, she crawled to the limb the squirrel was on hitting it with her paw, it hit the ground and tried to get away but BlizzardFire jumped down after it killing it with a bite to the neck.

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments The rabbit was tiring, and soon Jaggedfang would leap.

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BlizzardFire put dirt over her fresh-kill to comw back for it later she sniffed the air scenting a mouse she crouched till she heard it scuffiling then she killed it.

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments Jaggedfang made the final leap and snapped the rabbit's neck. As he buried it, he scented the air and another rabbit practically jumped into his paws. Adding that to his catch, he scented a thrush not far off. He stalked up to it and snagged it as it took off for flight. He decided to return back to the camp.

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BlizzardFire went back to her squirrel and carried then both back to teh camp. she walked in and deposited the kill onto the fresh-kill pile.

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content with her catch BlizzardFire went to see if she had enough herbs.

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((I just remembered theres no trees in Windclan territory.......... so no squirrels........ whoops))

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments ((Yes there are. On the far side by thunderclan border.))

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((Disregard my last post then......))

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BlizzardFire saw that she needed more feverfew, trying to remember where she saw some last.......

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Opaleye was pacing camp, bored.

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BlizzardFire remembered there was some Feverfew by some abandoned rabbit holes not to far from the camp.

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Opaleye yawned.

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Sunstar sat near his den and looked around.

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BlizzardFire padded up to SunStar "I'm going to go and collect some FeverFew by the abandonded rabbit burrows."

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"Alright, are you taking a warrior with you?"

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"No it's not to far off I'll be fine."

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He nodded "Alright, I trust you."

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BlizzardFire nodded then padded out of the camp she jogged across the moorland.

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He looked after her and then at the fresh kill pile. It was well stocked.

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She reached the rabbit holes biting the Feverfew delectily so that it would grow back her mouth full.

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments Content with his catch, Jaggedfang returned to the camp.

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He smiled as his clan was thriving well.

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BlizzardFire padded back to the camp storing the herbs in a safe place

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu Starpaw sighed and dropped the clean ball of moss in the elders den. Once he was done in there, he padded out and noticed that his mentor had returned to camp. He trotted up to him. "Are we going to train or hunt?" he asked, his ears perking up excitedly.

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments "Er, training," he suddenly felt ashamed he had gone hunting without Starpaw.

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu Starpaw bounced around. "Yay! Are we going to practice fighting? Let's go!" he urged, not at all seeming to mind that his mentor had been hunting without him.

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Thistleclaw | 59 comments "Ok," he raced after his apprentice out of the clearing.

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu Starpaw ran to the WindClan training area, his paws itching to learn. He sat down and curled his tail around his paws, waiting for Jaggedfang to catch up.

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((This is Windclan not Shadowclan))

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu ((Oh, oops. . . my mind was in another Rp))

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((lol okay!))

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