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Children and violence. How much is too much?

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Angela I know with all the violence on TV the children of this generation are almost immune to it. So I am wondering, how old should someone be to read this book?

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willaful I find violence a rather odd word in connection with this book. It's certainly not violent in the usual sense, though there is definitely a menacing and malicious presence. I think most sensitive children will be deeply affected by the tragedy of the ending, but not in a bad way at all; they will appreciate the themes of love and sacrifice. Less sensitive children will probably shrug it off.

Fred The self absorbed doll does project evil and she does seem somehow responsible for the near-death of Apple and the vaporization of Birdie. My 9yo didn't seem to be particularly concerned about it, no discussion after we read it and no hiding under the covers. The intensity came from the hating being very personal. Sweeping aside everyone in her way (the one doll who's name I can't remember) with no compassion does fit some definition or other of violence.

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Hillary Marchpane is the doll. Interestingly, she is no worse than people.

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