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To all students and staff,

Just so you know, I will be out all day today. I have ERRANDS that need tending. Mr. Sweet and Mrs. Andrews will be in charge. I trust that all of you miscreants will be on your best behavior. If not, expect a summons to my office the next morning. The House rules will still be in affect. You are expected to be in your rooms by 9:00 PM and lights out at 10:00 PM!

Victor Rodenmaar

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Yes Sir! Hehehe

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Performing his one of daily inspections while the students were all inside their dormatories, Victor had decided to take a brief stroll throughout the corridors. Just as Victor had approached near one of the rooms, a loud, rumbling fart had dispersed from behind causing a sudden rancid odor that could strip the paint off from the surrounding walls. "Ahem!" Victor had cleared his throat in a stern manner, glancing both ways making sure nobody heard his disturbing bowels.

"From this moment forth...I am going to have Trudy remove her homemade chili beans from the menu!" barked Victor to himself as he had plugged his nose and brisk walked towards his office in silence.

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