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Om... These are characters from roleplays that I like that I have made. Feel free to comment on anyone of them!

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Name: Aelia

Age: 18

Appearance: Aelia has wavy, chestnut hair that fall to her shoulder blades. She has small, slanted hazel eyes. Her thin lips are stained a light pink. Aelia’s skin is pale, and her jaw line is one of those that are very visible. She is tall and lanky. Her fingers are long, but tough from pulling her bow.
There are days when indigo encircles her eyes from lack of sleep, but she is always cheerful, smiling at others and spreading the joy.
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Personality: Aelia is a cheerful young lady, who is born as a natural leader. She his constantly on her guard, looking for the guilty. She will pursue them in till they have finished the chosen punishment. In this way, Aelia is very bossy.
Aelia is well known for her advice and justice. She is a fair and thoughtful judge, hearing out both sides of the story before making the final decision. When someone is guilty, she knows the most fitting punishment, and she sees the difference between the guilty and the innocent. Her mouth is always in a smile and it nearly always reaches her warm eyes.
Aelia tries to understand others, but most of the time, she doesn’t know how to comfort others. She is very awkward in these times.
She is very independant and ambitious, but she is a coward. Aelia is very calm in the times of deep trouble, and keeps a clean-head. She is wise and polite, but is also a perfectionist, that drives others insane.
She is not a rule-breaker, and dislikes killing. She believes in second chances, and therefor if she was in a war, she would only maim the other demigod, then try to recruit them.
Aelia is as loyal as a badger, and would never betray camp—or would she?

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Ignore the bow please! The part on the left is the pointy part, buy the way. :3
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It’s the one on the right.

Aelia’s weapon is a golden bow, with a small button on the top. When she presses the button, all of the arrows (there are 27) return to the quiver, clean and in good condition. However, if someone breaks an arrow, it will return, but still in its’ imperfect state.
She does not use often, but she has a blue vial full of centaur blood, which she dips her arrows in to make more deadly.

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Other: Aelia wears a silver bracelet for good luck, which was given to her by her boyfriend, Andrew:
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Her name is rather ironic as well.
There was another Aelia in the past. Aelia was the daughter of Cocalus that killed Minos. Later on, in his death, Minos was an attendant of the goddess Themis, the goddess of justice, which is the later Aelia's mother.

Andrew and Aelia met on a sunny day at camp Half-Blood. After a year of so, they started dating. That summer, they were off monster-hunting. They were fighting a dragon, but it threw Drew into a pitch. Then, a harpy collected him and flew him to a monster-prison, as he yelled out, "Aelia! I'll meet you at camp!"
And so, Aelia stabbed the dragon in the eye with a couple of arrows, and returned to camp.
Days, weeks, months, years passed and no Drew was in sight. She was forced to believe that he passed away.

Drew was constantly guarded by monsters. He tried to persuade them to let him go, but he failed. After about two years, a stupid monster, Agrius, was guarding him. Drew gathered all of his magic, and Agrius let him go. He stole a Pegasus and flew to camp.

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:) Thanks! Do you like the profile itself?

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Bets (betsdavies) | 85 comments I love what you have. I could deal with a few more quirks. Everything you have on her points to one common goal of being a monster-hunting, just warrior. Except the coward thing, which I didn't get. I need more info on that.

What's her favorite joke? What did she see in Drew? Is she aware she's awkward with people and trying to fix it? Does she have any friends that relate to the fact she can be awkward? What does she like to do on her free time? Read? Paint? What was her favorite game as a kid? What is a vivid memory from her teen years?

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I'm sorry, but I don't seem to understand what you mean by in the first part of your message. :/
Thank you so much for your critique! I'll answer the questions and edit the character! :D

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