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message 1: by Sans (new)

Sans Moving the conversation here from the January reading challenge.

message 2: by Sans (new)

Sans Namita, I haven't heard of TRACE, what is it about? And yes, I would love go have the Furuba boys in real life. I love Shigure, Ayame, Hatori, Haru...

message 3: by Gabrielle Blaque/~Bhlack Benehvolence~ (last edited Feb 05, 2011 12:59PM) (new)

Gabrielle Blaque/~Bhlack Benehvolence~ (werewolfgrl1) | 417 comments No TRACE doesn't sound familiar to me either, oh and Sans thanks for the new thread. I didn't think this conversation would last so long.

message 4: by Nami (new)

Nami (tenshii) | 43 comments xD Same, until recently- the background is that these creatures showed up 30 years ago, called "troubles" and attacked all the humans; soon after some humans started being born with supernatural abilities. Mutants(they didnt look different though) called Trace. They are the only ones who can fight the Troubles, but are treated unfairly, like freaks and generally shunned.. which is sad...just because some misused their powers... I havent seen much, but its quite good- apparently, its sad so if either of you dont like that kinda stuff(I dont really, but I want to know whats going to happen now!, you probably shouldnt watch it.

Though, anime/mangas tend to get intense...o.o so, Yeah xD
Thats the background. It revolves around two characters- all Im going to say is this(not a spoiler): Its shocking to see how people treat the Trace, when they findout their not human..even if theyre family. O.O<--Thats what I was like, just to let you know.

I got stuck with the worst class- the guys are all so mean.(I could say worse, but thats not me. :O)
So, yeah I agree with you Sans (to a point- I still think it'd b so complicated)- If only. In my dreams..

Oh yeah! The new thread was a good idea xD Last thing I write, I know. Atleast I remembered.. :)

Gabrielle Blaque/~Bhlack Benehvolence~ (werewolfgrl1) | 417 comments This TRACE anime sounds intriguing! The way you described how they're treated kind of reminded me how they treat the mutants in the X-Men movies/cartoons, I don't think they were treated any better than the TRACE.

I'm definitely intrigued thanks for the synopsis!

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