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message 1: by Seresa (new)

Seresa (pardoteach) | 29 comments Hope its Ok I start a new Topic for General Chat.

So I've read 3 of the In Death Books by JD Robb and I'm hooked . . I have sooooo many books on my Kindle but all I want to do is read more of the In Death Books . . Crazy. So I'm going to force myself to Read a different book between each JD Robb book.

So what is everyone else reading? Hows your goal holding up so far? I was lucky yesterday and had a snow day and boy was it a great day to bundle up and read. Hope everyone else is staying warm, this storm is Crazy.

message 2: by Lisa P (new)

Lisa P I just finished the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. I had not read too much paranormal stuff before, but this series was great. I read all five books in about 10 days. I am now switching gears and reading The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell.

Seresa, I have never read anything by JD Robb, but they sound good...I think I will have to add them to my TBR list. My Kindle is bursting as well...LOL.

message 3: by Lisa S (last edited Feb 07, 2011 06:54PM) (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) I've been all over the place with my reads this year. Mysteries, paranormal and even a romance.

So far I've read 31 books and almost 13,000 pages.

message 4: by Seresa (new)

Seresa (pardoteach) | 29 comments Wow Lisa that's awesome . . I read 7 in Jan but I've not had the time to set and read yet in Feb . . But my plan for today- NO SCHOOL due to forcasted storm sooooo I'm reading all day and my guess is I'll be reading tomorrow too . . hahah

message 5: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (booksandknowledge) I like science-fiction books just like the Twilight Saga and the 'House of Night' novels,but i want to try to read books from every category.From classics to children's books. ;) My goal for 2011 is 55 books!!I hope i can reach it...!!!

So far i've read only 2 books,from the 'House of Night' series.

message 6: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) I'm reading 5 books actually.

The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis
Cross Country by James Patterson
Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
Hide by Lisa Gardner
Deeper Than the Dead by Tami Hoag

I just finished The Prey by Allison Brennan and gave it a ★★★★★ rating. Mostly all of the books I am reading are for a challenge in another group on goodreads. I've never read any of the Narnia books before so I am enjoying that one by Lewis.

message 7: by Dar B (new)

Dar B (ruminatingbulls) | 121 comments I really want to read the Narnia books, too, but I always have a bunch of books sitting around that keep me from getting to my "to read" list! I just cannot resist the 50 cent books at my local library!

I prefer fantasy and historical fiction but I have enjoyed many classics along the way. I can only handle a minimal amount of romance and it has to be incorporated into a style of book that I prefer. Just not into it and do not know why.

Are there any of you who enjoy discussing some of the classics??

message 8: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Jones | 8 comments I recently read the first two Narnia books and LOVED them! Can't believe I have never read them! Am planning on reading the rest of them soon, and I'm also working my way through the circle trilogy by Ted Dekker and the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich.

message 9: by Lisa P (new)

Lisa P Ashley...I have the Circle Trilogy but haven't started it yet. How do you like it so far?

message 10: by Seresa (new)

Seresa (pardoteach) | 29 comments Busy busy busy this week . . Last 2 weeks we've had snow days and I've had lots of reading time . . This week it's NOT going to happen. I'm thinking I'll be lucky to get 3 books in this month . . Kinda sad after 7 last month . . Right now I'm reading another JD Robb . . #4 Rapture in Death I love the Main Characters.

message 11: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) I have a list of 100 books, since I read about 70 last year... >_> I read pretty fast, so I think it shows how busy I am if I'm still on book #2...

message 12: by Lisa P (new)

Lisa P Ok, I read 11 books last month and am not even halfway finished with one book this month...I definitely need to step it up!

message 13: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) I've read abridged versions, but it was a very long time ago. :/

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