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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt | 2 comments I'm just getting into my Kindle and wondered if anyone is using for borrowing books. I've added a couple of my books on there to loan.


Irene Well Worth A Read never heard of it either but will check it out too. thanks.

message 3: by Orbs n Rings (new)

Orbs n Rings (autumnbluesreviews) | 33 comments Never heard of them. I will take a peek. I did hear of the Kindle Lending Club just this week from another person here on goodreads.

message 4: by Matt (new)

Matt | 2 comments I checked both out but like the user experience of lendink better.

Interesting to hear what you think.

Irene Well Worth A Read I tried it, didn't have much luck with it. at lending club at least you can get on a wait list to borrow.I tried a dozen books at lendink and every try just came up
"We're sorry but no one has this book out for loan right now for that eReader".

Irene Well Worth A Read I had another problem with it too. It allows people to list for loan books that are not actually lendable. so you get an email that you've been lent a book but then you wonder why no download link ever shows up.

message 7: by Orbs n Rings (new)

Orbs n Rings (autumnbluesreviews) | 33 comments Which are you talking about Irene the Kindle lending club or the lendink?

Irene Well Worth A Read The lendink. I have had no success with that one at all. I got 2 emails from there that I had been lent books but no download link ever came. so I checked out the books at amazon and they are not lendable. I see some charlaine harris listed on lendink too which I know isn't lendable.

So far at Kindle Lending Club I've lent out 4 books and borrowed 4.

message 9: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Macdonald | 2 comments Catherine here from :)

In the interest of transparency, Matt Patterson is the owner of

Irene, I'm glad you're enjoying KLC! We're always available by email at for anyone who needs individual assistance.

As a side note, this week I'm going to be interviewing Aaron Goldfarb, the author of the very funny novel "How to Fail" for our first Meet the Author podcast. We'll have a link to the podcast in an upcoming newsletter :)

Happy weekend, guys!

Irene Well Worth A Read Hi Catherine! I didn't know you were in Goodreads lol. Since I last posted here I've lent 4 more books and borrowed another one. I love your site!

Irene Well Worth A Read I also like how at the lending club you can click on a book and get the full description from amazon. at lendink all you get for a description is whatever the person lending the book felt like writing. which most of the time is nothing

message 12: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Macdonald | 2 comments Hi Irene :) I don't get as much time here (or reading!) as I'd like, but I like to pop in and say hi and give our email address whenever people might be looking for customer support. Really appreciate the feedback!

Irene Well Worth A Read I can imagine! You seem extremely busy. It doesn't seem like you get much time to sleep nevermind read lol.

message 14: by Matthew Paterson (last edited Feb 13, 2011 08:13PM) (new)

Matthew Paterson Paterson | 1 comments Evening everyone.

Matthew here from LendInk. Thanks for all of your suggestions on

We have added a number of great features that our users have asked for. Here are a couple
- Check to see if the book is lendable
- Browse all books by category
- Watchlist to get notified when books are added

We thought having the user put a description in was a good idea but not a lot of users were doing it. So you can now see the full amazon description and the user description - all without leaving the site.

We try and keep our users on LendInk without going to amazon for a better experience.

We hope you enjoy the changes that we have made. Unlike other sites we continually roll out new features at least once a week. We have some really exciting things planed for the coming weeks so stay tuned.

We can always be reached at

Irene Well Worth A Read I would be willing to give it another chance with those changes.

message 16: by Ben (new)

Ben | 3 comments I've borrowed and lent several books on (apparently changed to recently) and enjoyed the experience. One thing I don't like so much - as far as I know you have no way of knowing if a book has actually been marked available by another member. So, you can request a book if it's lendable, but you have no idea what the chances of getting it are. So, do you request a book and then wait for a few days to see if you get it, or request a few books at a time and take your chances? If you get more than one loan you have the problem of having too much to read before the loan expires. I'd like an option to see if the book is actually available from another member before making the loan request.

Irene Well Worth A Read I like being able to wait for the book whether it's available or not. that way when someone does finally offer it I am usually first on the list to get it. I don't worry too much about being offered too many loans at once, because you don't have to download them immediately. I was loaned 2 books yesterday but I'm waiting till I finish reading one that I already started before I download either of the new loans.

Irene Well Worth A Read Oh and Ben, if you look in the section of "recently loaned books" those are the ones that people are offering to lend right now, so they are available.

message 19: by Lala (new)

Lala Corriere (lalacorriere) | 1 comments I have a radio show this Saturday. Loved that I could *loan* my title to the host. This is a great tool and I don't see revenue loss, but name recognition benefits! the more readers, the better. Sometimes it's just not about the money!

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