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LATE RAIN 2nd book > Better off? -- Spoilers

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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Weddle (steveweddle) | 54 comments Mod
Is Magnolia Beach, S.C better off now than it was a few hundred pages ago.

Trading one small-time crimey businessman for a bigger, meaner one? Won't Wayne LaVell be able to do more for the local economy than Sonny Gramm ever could?

Ben back working meaningful crime?

Are the Carsons better off? (Or, as their mailbox probably says, "The Carson's")

Is Buddy Tedros better off?

Is this a happy story after all?

message 2: by Elizabeth A. (new)

Elizabeth A. (elizabethawhite) | 32 comments The Carsons are not better off. Though Anne obviously made a mistake taking the money, by getting rid of Ben once she realized Corrnie's true motivations Anne lost all chance of being able to get out from under that taint. She will now forever feel guilt for both taking the money and for destroying what she knows was a good thing with Ben; a future that is now not possible.

And with Ben not around the little demon seed Paige be able to scheme and manipulate unchecked. She's definitely headed for something nasty down the road.

Buddy probably is the only one who's actually better off. There's no question being free of Corrine is better for him, but I also think being out from under the dominance of Stanley will also be better for him in the long run (though losing him to murder wasn't really the best way for that freedom to occur).

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