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Best book I have ever read

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message 1: by Ritika (new)

Ritika | 1 comments In this thread, I want to people to share the best book they have ever read and I am going to share mine.

My best book till now is......
Corporate Seer by Arun Purang

It is a simple and great business fable. It explains that there are four types of workers

1. delusioned - (People who do not want to work)
2. career oriented - (Just like me and you)
3. special - (who have discovered something special about themselves just like micheal jordon)
4. spiritual - just like mother teresa who have expressed their love through work.

The author has given a very neat definition to work.

W - Wonderful medium to find
O - Oppertunites to express love
R - Risks and Rewards
K - Knowledge about live.

Another thing i liked is the way Author defined the dream goals.

D- Driven by values
R- Realistic
E- Enjoyable
A- Ambitious
M- Manageable

I would leave rest of it to you guys to read and discover the special you

message 2: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Jones | 1 comments Hi
I just finished reading this really cool self help book that incorporated yoga postures, meditation, ayurvedic medicine and biology into a really great explanation about stress in our lives. I have been using this as a personal workbook and it has really helped me. I am probably one of the most critical readers so I was surprised at how much I liked this book. My boss hired the author to come in and give our office a seminar on stress we had people crying at the end because it was personal and eye opening so I bought the book and have no regrets. It was a cheap investment for my health!
It's called the Stress Relief Survival Guide in case anyone's interested I put in the website.


message 3: by HT (new)

HT Goodwill | 8 comments Mod
This is a difficult question to try and answer. Best fiction? Best sucked-me-in-and-couldn't-put-it-down-(literally)-until-I-finished-it-in-one-sitting? Biggest impact in my life?

The book that has had the most powerful effect on my life most recently is LDS - A Guide to Addiction Recovery and Healing. Amazingly, it won't bring you down to read it, and even more amazingly, it applies to anyone whether you are dealing with an addiction or not.

My life is completely different because I was (and am) willing to apply its principles. My my life is still changing and improving because of it.

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