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Sky  (clear_sky) Movies? Books? Songs? Anything that you enjoy looking at, listening to, hearing about, etc. goes in this topic. Who knows, someone else might like the same things...

message 2: by Robotgirl33 (new)

Robotgirl33 DeShong | 10 comments Ooo i love to sing so much! i love the Beetles, and i listen to the Offspring, the disturbed, dream theater, and lots of different metal and punk rock! I love realistic fiction novels and i love scary movies!

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MANGA AND ANIME ARE MY LIFE!!! It's probably because I grew up with them.

message 4: by Sky (new)

Sky  (clear_sky) That would definitely

message 5: by Thoo (new)

Thoo Roboggirl- Im the same way, except i can't sing for my life O_O. But everyone at my school is the complete opposite...

Rin-ne (Hannah)- Im usually not into manga or anime. And im not even sure if this falls under that category, but have you seen that anime, death note.

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Sky  (clear_sky) =]

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