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What's everyone reading?

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message 1: by Christine (new)

Christine | 35 comments It's been really quiet around here lately so to get the conversation going, I thought I would ask what everyone's reading right now.

I'm in between books at the moment as I just finished reading "Winter Sea" by Susanna Kearsley. I found the book while browsing the library catalog and I really enjoyed it! A bit of fantasy, a bit of romance and a just a really well-written, interesting book.


message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth  (canadianbeth) | 8 comments I am currently about halfway through The Bachelor's Bargain, by Catherine Palmer, which I borrowed from the library. I am also just partway through Fall of Giants on my e-reader.

message 3: by Missy Ann (new)

Missy Ann (missyanntx) | 63 comments A Hard Day's Knight by Simon R. Green, it's book 11? or so in the Nightside series.

message 4: by Suz (new)

Suz (suzemo) | 16 comments Mod
I just finished Robin Hobb's Liveship Trilogy (the first one, Ship of Magic was a book club read).

Currently reading The Long Song - it's my next book club book (different book club, this book club read Perfume last month). It's about slavery in Jamaica at the time of the slave rebellion, told as a memoir of a former slave. It won both the Orange Prize and the Whitbread Book of the Year Award, was short-listed for the Man Booker Prize. So far it's alright (fast read, anyway)

message 5: by Suz (new)

Suz (suzemo) | 16 comments Mod
Oh, and I'm listing to Cormac McCarthy's The Road... which is just about as slow as the movie was... bah.

message 6: by Karen (new)

Karen | 68 comments Mod
Suz, I also listened to The Road and hated it. I watched the movie, thinking maybe in some way it would be better, and it was only marginally more entertaining.

I'm reading The Passage by Justin Cronin and I really like it so far. Rumor has it that it loses steam midway through, so we'll see. I'm only about 22% into it.

I'm also reading The Book of Awakening by Marc Nepo. You read a short passage each day for the entire year. I like it so far. It definitely makes you think and gets you to see yourself/your world in a different light. It's not for everybody, but I do recommend it to those who want to explore the concept of mindfulness.

message 7: by Kari (new)

Kari | 19 comments I just finished Jayne Ann Krentz's latest, In Too Deep. Not a bad read. Follows her usual formula. Largely a set up for the rest of the trilogy.

message 8: by Suz (new)

Suz (suzemo) | 16 comments Mod
I just finished The Moon's Shadow by Catherine Asaro - it's number 8 in her Skolian Saga series, but the books are really short, so it's not like, I dunno, George Martin dense or anything. I really like her stuff. Good space opera with some romance and real science.

I also finished the Wastelands and really liked that set of short stories.

I just started City and the City by China Mieville, I have a lot of his books, but I haven't read any, so I'll let you know how that starts...

I've also started Larry Niven's The Inferno. I'm a fan of Dante's Inferno, so I thought it would be fun :)

message 9: by Annette (new)

Annette (annette414) Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs (first in the series that inspired the "Bones" TV Show - but there's not much in common!)
A Hunger Like No Other - Krelsey Cole is the current Kindle book.

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