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I hate sucking giant monkey balls!!

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

But alas, yesterday was Tesse's birthday and I forgot to email herI am covered in shame! Why must I be destined to suck giant monkey balls, why?!?

Sorry Tesse, Happy belated birthday!
Your Monkey Balls sucking chum,

message 2: by Tom (last edited Aug 10, 2008 07:33AM) (new)

Tom Foolery (tomfoolery) Would those be the balls of giant monkeys, or the giant balls of regular monkeys?

message 3: by EvilNick (new)

EvilNick Being held hostage by giant monkeys sounds a lot better than what i am doing, whatever size their balls are.

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 10, 2008 09:36AM) (new)

Tom: I've thought about this a lot & I think in my mind's eye they're the balls of giant monkeys (& thanks for the hours of mental imaging pleasure!)

Bunny: No doubt! I think she's still busy campaigning for McCain & is undoubtedly to0 torn up over the death of Bernie Mac to post.

Evilnick: I'm going to have to beg to differ, "I'm being held hostage by monkeys of notoriously little testicular size" just doesn't have quite the same zing.

message 5: by Tom (last edited Aug 10, 2008 10:11AM) (new)

Tom Foolery (tomfoolery) I think that i don't want to know why you spend hours fantasizing about the balls of giant monkeys. Imagining, i mean. At least it's primates though. Imagining giant donkey balls, for example, would just be wrong.

Servius  Heiner They would have to be pretty big monkeys... they have really small testies... So with diminishing returns those must be some really really big monkeys.

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