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Jude (judehnd) Hello I'm Jude Henderson, I'm 17 years old, and Here's a novel of mine:

Forever .
Summary: When seventeen year old Evangeline Woods is filled with forever promises, like the promise of her father to stay with her, the promise of a marriage to stay together, of friends growing up and staying side by side, and a boyfriend’s promise to love her, she’s in a moment where everything is perfect, until, in the blink of an eye and a terrible car crash takes all of those promises, all of those forever’s, away, they have all been broken, so now she must go to the place where it all started, Her grandmother‘s house and old town, forget the life she once had, and start a new one, to see if those forever’s can be saved, and to trust herself again. Find family when she thought she’d lost it. Find love when she wasn’t looking. Find friendship when she was in most need, and to find a home, when she had never felt so lost.
Sometimes you need to lose it all, to find everything.

Here's the link:

I write Poems too, here's all my writing:

Thank you for stopping by :)

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Jude (judehnd) Here's one of my poems:

Title: Forever
Genre: Poetry/Romance
Description: When you are scared to say forever. . . i think it's at best not to see with your eyes, but with you heart ♥

Forever - Poem

She covers her eyes
and avoids to see.
She whispers his name
in dreams, in her sleep.
She takes his hand
and presses it to her cheek.
She tells him the words
she’s too afraid to speak.
He listens to her patiently
and loves her with every touch.
‘Forever’ he says
‘Forever’ she says.
She covers her eyes
and begins to see.

By: JH

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Jude (judehnd) Title: White Red Rose
Genre: Poetry/and something else
Description We all want to change, at some point in our lives, we need it. But changing, always comes with a price.

White Red Rose

There’s a white rose beneath my window.
Its petals pose in this winter cold,
Of dying wishes and desperate hopes.
My hand gently moves toward the cold white rose,
Until I realize its filled with a million thorns.
A sting in my hand, a deep red pain,
Running blood that falls upon the white red rose.

There’s a red rose beneath my window,
Its petals shine in the golden light,
Of living dreams and freshly hopes.
My hand gently moves toward the now red rose.
The beautiful rose gazes outside in this winter cold,
Though she feels safe and warm
Inside my hands, that have now become the newly home
Of the pure red rose

By: JH

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Jude (judehnd) Fall

The tree shades
down its leaves for spring;
She gazes outside
to watch the leaves
fall down to the grass
and make it soft
for the fall that comes
for the two of us.
As I gaze in your eyes
and you swim into mine
I can’t help but wonder,
What will it happen
when the last leave falls?
Will our bridge in the ground
be strong enough for the both of us?
She gazes outside
to watch the tree,
The tree shades its leaves
just in time for spring.

By: JH

message 5: by Jude (new)

Jude (judehnd) Title: Red Ribbons
Genre: Poetry/Drama
Description: Its pretty itself explanatory.

Red Ribbons

She sees her
Soft white skin,
The soft blue veins
That mark a way
Beneath her skin
In her pale white wrist,
She feels her pulse
Its pressure underneath,
Almost like its someone
Who wants to scream,
She traces lines to
Relieve the pain,
She holds in her hands
Her deadly reflection,
And traces her lines
Again and again,
She extends her arm
For everyone to see,
To show the world
Those dark red ribbons
That adorn her sleeve,
Those simple lines that
Caused the pain,
Those beautiful ribbons
That released the pain.
And only to realize
That the ribbons in her sleeve. . .
They belong to me.
Only to realize
That the girl with red ribbons.
That girl is me.

By: JH

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Jude (judehnd) The Second chapter of Forever .

Home Lost:

message 7: by Jude (new)

Jude (judehnd) The Third Chapter.

Welcome To My Life:

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Jude (judehnd) All of this are just examples of what I do, so, again, please check my Goodreads page for more :)

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Audrey (mintcat) Wow you are a fast typer!

message 10: by Jude (last edited Jan 31, 2011 04:57PM) (new)

Jude (judehnd) I also make reviews for this Awesome Site called:
The Secret Life Of An Avid Reader. Please, visit :)

message 11: by Jude (new)

Jude (judehnd) Audrey wrote: "Wow you are a fast typer!"

LOL ^^, More like a Fast Copy Paste. xD!!, I have them all on my Goodreads Page :D

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Audrey (mintcat) Okay whatever.

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Audrey (mintcat) Yeah the poems are good!

message 14: by Jude (new)

Jude (judehnd) Audrey wrote: "Yeah the poems are good!"

Thank You :)

message 15: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) welcome

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Audrey (mintcat) I like Red ribbion

message 17: by Jude (new)


In Between Writing And Reading
Because we love to Read. Because we love to Write... But sometimes we need a little space in Between


message 18: by Jude (new)

Jude (judehnd) Blind Love

Can you remember the day it all began?
Your shining eyes swept the room in search of mine.
That day, my life turned white.

Do you remember the day you said hoe much it would suck
if we ever said goodbye, and you promised me
"You will always be by my side."
That day, that day was purple.

Or the day my simple reflection
became so much for you to bear,
and in one single motion
my heart became all your to take.
That day my love, that day was red.

I still remember how white it all was,
until the moment your hand my face attacked.
A deep dark purple bruise there was,
and not long it took you to break me to pieces.
From push to shove, from words to blows,
and deep red blood abandoned my life.

Do you remember love, that living hell
you put me through? so blind, so stupid,
so beautifully naive, from the moment you bury me
six feet deep down, and that day my love,
that faithful day...
That day was Black.

By: Jude Henderson

This is a work for school so, please, any critic, comment or opinion is appreciated! :)

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Jude (judehnd) Just Posted The Fourth Chapter of Forever.


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Jude (judehnd) The Last Note

This is my last poem,
My last note for you.
But not an apology
Not this time, not for you.

You accused me of wanting nothing,
Didn't I tell you
"I don't know what I want"?
But you pushed it aside
and ignored my remarks.
You wanted me so bad,
that you focused on your need
and forgot all about me.

Why two days after our goodbye
You ran into some other girl's arms?
You said I was the one,
Good thing I didn't believe you,
You were never one to trust.

Remember when I said I Love You?
Did I ever mentioned what I felt?
That doubt in the back of my mind?
The way it came so forced?
That pressure inside of me,
Pushing me to say the words?
That pressure, it was you.
You and your want to hear it,
You and that need to keep me.

Didn't you ever think I was too young?
That this was all kinds of wrong?
Weren't you old enough to see I wasn't one to be played with?
To be toyed around, your own personal doll?
Cheering at your stupid jokes, your personal lies,
With thousands of girls between the lines.
Thank God I never trusted you,
Thank Got I wasn't the one to fall.

Don't ever call me your Sweet Pea,
not ever, not again.
Get out of my life,
not a message, not one more time.

You accused me of wanting nothing,
But that's not true,
I wanted everything, I just never wanted it with you.

And I'm so glad I never trusted you,
I have no tears wasted on you,
No heart to mend, no story to tell.
I may be a collector, but you're just a line in this note.
The last one for you,
no more paper to be wasted,
no more thought in me about you.

You want to know the answer?
why so much suffering for you about me?
why so much fights, distrust and why you were so blind?
Why your selfishness never let me shine?
and why your jealousy, always came back twice as hard?

Here's my simple answer, my last words from me to you,
And the way I let go, of this Big Mistake.
This Big Mistake that it was You:

I. Was. Never. Yours.

PS: You were never the only one who could write a note, a verse, a poem or a song. But you were always thinking of you, that's why it doesn't surprise me, that was all I ever knew.


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