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message 1: by Roshanak (new)

Roshanak I am not sure whether I have understood why the title is "Kiss Kiss". Is that a reference to the kissing couple in "Pig"?

Debbie Bateman I think it's a reference to Georgy Porgy. The irony is sharp. "Kiss Kiss" sounds so innocent, when in fact it is not. For Georgy Porgy, kissing is the same as getting eaten alive.

Did you enjoy the book? I found it very cutting and unforgettable. It's different from the types of stories I usually read.

Fatin Ah, I don't have this cover, so I never really connected it to the Pig story at all.
I absolutely love this book. I devoured it. I didn't want to, I wanted to take it real slow so I could enjoy it for longer but, I just couldn't. I had to read it all in one go.

Jassy Jay The book was awesome. I have a different cover.

message 5: by Nour (new)

Nour El who can summarize the story of pig "lexington" i need to know the general idea but i do not have the book

message 6: by Archita (new)

Archita Aggarwal well,kiss kiss was a boo full of different kinds of stories and the best part is till the end roald does not even give a hint of what is going to happen next..i really loved the book.

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