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Paige (thewordshakermockingjay)
This is the current story I'm working on called "Actor 28"
Jack, aged 15, has a tremendously difficult life. His parents died a few years ago in a car crash. He's been living with a gang ever since. But one day he goes too far. He murders an innocent girl. Fleeing from the police will be no easy task, especially when he meets Paige. His life is turned upside down once again.

THANKS FOR READING!!! (I appreciate constructive criticism)

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Paige (thewordshakermockingjay) Chapter 15 up!!!

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Paige (thewordshakermockingjay) Another chapter!

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Paige (thewordshakermockingjay) Actor 28 is finished!!! I also started the sequel: Curtain Call

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Paige (thewordshakermockingjay) I have another story called "Stars" up. PLEASE READ!!!! :)

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