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The man in the corner

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message 1: by Brad Theado (new)

Brad Theado My wife admitted to me today that for the last three months she has been seeing a tall guy in a duster style coat and a hat out of the corner of her eye in our house and on the road while driving. She sees it just in her peripheral vision. I had been afraid to tell her that I have been seeing the same thing for the same period of time. I was afraid she would think I was nuts.

message 2: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 180 comments Mod
It's good she told you, now you could breathe easy and talk with her about it.

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan (superbookfreak) I agree with Pamela. I would tell her now and be able to breath easier.

My son used to hear ghosts in his room when we lived near a cemetary and my nephew who had a room right next to my son and they saw shadows of people walking around upstairs and talking. They were freaked out.

message 4: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Jewell Killeen (ckilleen24) | 2 comments Brad are you and your wife only seeing him in your house and on the road near your home? If so you may be able to go to your local county building to the property department and do a little research. Maybe it would help identify your ghost. You may also be able to go to your local genealogical society and do a little research. This won't help get rid of your ghost but it might help give you piece of mind about who is visiting you:-). It sounds as though the ghost is friendly so that is a plus;-)

message 5: by Brad Theado (new)

Brad Theado I told her when she told me so we are good there. I have only seen the man in the house but she is seeing him all over including in other towns.

I have begun to wonder if she didnt get something attached to her when we did the overnight stay in Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Ky. I saw a shape similar to what we have been seeing there. I say attached to her because I was never exposed to this until we got married 6 years ago. and the fact that she see him a lot more than I do.

we lived in another house together our first year in another town and we saw a figure of a woman in the house every night at 730.

message 6: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 180 comments Mod
Sometimes, I think also transient ghosts come into homes. I was on an investigation at this local comic book shop (which will be in a chapter in Haunted richmond II I am working on now) that we suspect some of the spirits came from off the street. Only one name given by the ghosts to investigators on a Frank's box (ghost box) was familiar to me from when I led a group into the shop back in summer time.

And we've been having a ghost cat haunting our nhouse (now my adult son saw it too) and the only cat we had pass away in the house was my other black cat some time ago, this one was gray. Is it in my house because of the two living cats we have, or what? Good question. Doesn't bother us though.

message 7: by Brad Theado (new)

Brad Theado You should come to Staunton, Virginia some time. The local paranormal group leads the Halloween tour but they would be a good resource of local haunted places downtown. The italian restaurant is supposed to be haunted by a man who ran a candy shop in the same building from some time in the 1920's into the 1950's. It was supposed to be the premier candy store on the east coast at one time.

And the gift shop across the street is supposed to be active on a daily basis.

message 8: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 180 comments Mod
You ought to write about it? I don't think Schiffer has anyone doing a book your way. No, Haunted Richmond II is the last book--got all these fiction novels need to get done and submit. But love to go out that way one day and check out the tour. I'll be that way, I think, end of this month, for Mysticon in Roanoake (I'm an author guests--on eight panels--some paranormal). How far is Staunton from Roanoke--can't remember?

There's two ghost tours in Richmond most of the year here. Both groups are down in Shockoe Bottom. Second group, Eerie Nights will be a chapter in H. R. II. Their guides dressed up in costumes--very cool. The other one is in Haunted Richmond, Virginia--now they operate out of the Poe Museum.

message 9: by Brad Theado (new)

Brad Theado Staunton is 90 minutes from Roanoke.

message 10: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 180 comments Mod
Quite a bit.

You ought to think about writing a ghost book for Staunton--check out Schiffer. They are looking for authors.

message 11: by Brad Theado (new)

Brad Theado I took your advice and submitted a book proposal.

message 12: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 180 comments Mod
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

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