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Has anyone read I am Number Four--do you recommend it?I Am Number Four

message 2: by Cassie (new)

Cassie Johnson (avidreader2) | 8 comments it looks really interesting, but i haven't read it.

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I was also wondering the same thing.

message 4: by Jen (new)

Jen | 36 comments I just finished it a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it! I have heard such mixed reviews on this so my expectation were low...but I completely loved the characters and became sucked into the story. It will be a series and the movie comes out February 18th!!!

message 5: by Viola (new)

Viola | 11 comments I read I am Number Four right when it came out. I enjoyed the premise of the story but wasn't a fan of the writing or execution. My students, for the most part, are really enjoying it. They're really pumped about the movie, and I am too because I think the movie will deliver the story and special effects better than the writing did. Hoping the writing improves with the rest of the series.

Sandysconnected | 10 comments Wow, I'd love to see a movie outshine a book...sad when that happens though, isn't it?

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Viola | 11 comments Sandysconnected wrote: "Wow, I'd love to see a movie outshine a book...sad when that happens though, isn't it?"

I know! It's rare that I feel that way. In fact, the only time I can think of where I have felt the movie was better than the book would be with just about every Nicholas Sparks book to film adaptation. I enjoy reading the books for an easy read, but the characters in the movies seem less perfect and wonderful.

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Laura (lauramaye) | 1 comments this book was awesome and amazing!

message 9: by Jules (new)

Jules | 5 comments I highly recomend I Am Number 4. it's a great book. very fasted paced so you tear right through it. It's from a boy's point of view so boys and girls could enhoy it too. I recomend you read it before you go to the movies to because although i loved the movie, it didn't stay very true to the book.

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Pammy (coopersmypup) | 3 comments I really loved the book, but the movie was just ok. It was really different and everything happened too quickly.

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