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message 1: by Lisarenee (new)

Lisarenee | 7659 comments This topic is open for discussion of Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton. Be prepared for SPOILERS.

Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #3) by Laurell K. Hamilton

message 2: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid  (initch) Ok I just finished this one and I have to say that it was an improvement over the last two books. Things I loved:
Jean Claude
JC's animal is a wolf
did I mention Jean Claude
the staking of Oliver and the killing of Alejandro

Things I didn't love:
Anita-except in the aforementioned scene
Her sense of fashion (pumpkin sweater. really?)

I have not now nor ever will love or even like the following:
creepy vampire children
snakes or snake like creatures or any variation of such

As for the story... I found that this story moved along at a strong and steady pace with a great climax at the end. I was totally shocked that Anita would actually give up JC's resting place and send someone to kill him. I mean I think she's being way too stubborn about the human servant issue(since it has been revealed that she would have freewill as a necromancer), especially with Alejandro gunning for her. As the saying goes better the devil you know...
I just want her to give in to JC already or at least have sex with him. All the sexual tension between them is driving me mad. With Richard on the scene I am dreading what new developments are on the horizon. God forbid she actually does something stupid like ...marry him!

message 3: by Lisarenee (last edited Feb 11, 2011 06:33AM) (new)

Lisarenee | 7659 comments Ingrid, You cracked me up and I totally agree about a lot of what you said. I already mentioned before that the whole giant snake thing was over done, but I pardon Ms. Hamilton since this was written before the giant snakes were over done. Still I give her kudos because I did find it creepy and the lamina (probably misspelled, but the freakish snake lady) was ubercreepy before uber was even used.

Pumpkin Sweater...*smirk* Was that popular 15 years ago? I can't recall. Somehow I don't think she dresses to impress.

I agree Vampire children as in this story or in first are very creepy. Reminds me of Interview with a Vampire - the movie. That little girl was creepy. I need to check with Interview with a vampire came out. It'd be fun to make a vampire story timeline and see what elements were added when by what stories. I wonder if anyone has ever made one?

So the steps to becoming a vampire servant are???? Even after reading the books I'm not 100% sure:
1)Get Bit in a certain way????
2)???? still not sure - Mind control????
3)Drink from you
4)Drink from vampire
Dang. I guess you know where my mind is I thought for sure the fourth was going to be sleeping with the vamp. Maybe like Ingrid it was just wishful thinking for Anita and JC to finally get together.

I am always surprised by how many people think clowns are creepy. When my son was little he was always fidgeted in the stylist's chair. He had his ears nipped by scissors more than once. We went to one salon that had a clown to promote it's business. My son sat very still. We thought for sure he was fascinated by the clown. We came to find out at the end he was freaked out and scared silly when finally started to cry. I felt like such an awful parent for not gauging his reaction better.

Richard and Edward are fun. Look forward to seeing how Richard will turn out as a boyfriend, but I fear it won't last.

I am a little upset with the way Anita is treating JC especially after almost getting the man killed by ratting him out. Yes, she saved him, but she should have been nicer afterward to him. That is the only thing I'm not liking about this book.

I had my whole month planned out of what I was going to read and now I'm so addicted to this series I can't seem to stop. Gah!

message 4: by Shay (new)

Shay | 923 comments Lisarenee, there's a neurological reason why people are creeped out by clowns. It has something to do with the face paint- that their expressions are painted on- happy face, sad face, etc. That expression doesn't always match the "real" facial expression or body language. So, it makes you "nervous" and in some people sets of the "fight or flight" reaction. They did some study- your tax dollars at work.

message 5: by Lisarenee (new)

Lisarenee | 7659 comments Very interesting Shay.

message 6: by Shay (new)

Shay | 923 comments Lisarenee wrote: "Very interesting Shay."

I remember all sorts of odd bits I've read even from years ago. But, I have trouble remembering what day it is. Especially when the kids are not in school.

message 7: by A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (last edited Feb 16, 2011 05:10AM) (new)

A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (avidreader68) | 724 comments Okay, I've been blowing thru the books and I need to slow down and post before moving to the next one. lol

1. Edward (Yay!)
2. a million year old vampire (holy crap!)
3. lycanthrope action (finally)
4. introduction to the 3rd side of the triangle (though Richard will not be a favorite of mine through much of the series the triangle angst is great story fodder)
5. Animals to Call introduced (well, we know Nikolaos could call rats, but it wasn't really much info)
6. an apprentice for Anita in Larry
7. the 3rd mark with Jean-Claude (see dislikes also)
8. marks 1-4 with Alejandro (nice to see what happens, but this is also under dislikes)
9. Anita kills Oliver (love that element of surprise and he was a million yrs old! Woot!)
10. Anita kills Alejandro (again the element of surprise, Anita does the unexpected)
11. Anita survives killing her Master (with help from Edward)
12. the Nova is trashed (glad she'll get a decent vehicle in the next book lol)
13. a revenant vampire exploding thru the vampire vault (wow, that was way cool)
14. giant snake (though the man being swallowed was creepy...and cool-I keep picturing the legs kicking)
15. crime solving with RPIT (I wish every book had crime solving, I love that part of Anita)
16. Edward in a Death costume (LMAO)
17. Edward using a flame thrower (awesome!)
18. Anita's instant relief at the end when she hears JC is alive (her subconscious is telling her things she's not listening to, but then she wouldn't be Anita if she listened)

1. Yasmeen (how unpleasant is that bitch? yikes!)
2. child vampire (disturbing, but not as disturbing as the ones in an upcoming book)
3. the 3rd mark forced on her (yeah, it was to save her life, but still...)
4. marks 1-4 forced on her from Alejandro (finding out about the 4th mark though was cool)
5. caving with the bad guys (I don't like enclosed spaces so this was a disturbing scene for me)
6. pumpkin sweater
7. Anita just blithely going off with the lamia and her harem (how stupid was she there? very! I found this scenerio completely out of character)
8. Anita giving up JC though I understand why she did it

I can't think of anything else at this time. I should have done this right after I finished. lol

edit: I forgot...under Likes: the ritual words for the 4th mark though I like the word change in upcoming books better (more on this later)

A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (avidreader68) | 724 comments Lisarenee wrote: "Ingrid, You cracked me up and I totally agree about a lot of what you said. I already mentioned before that the whole giant snake thing was over done, but I pardon Ms. Hamilton since this was writt..."

Oh, boy...creepy child vampires coming up. Cerulean Sins is the book, I believe.
Richard will be around...a lot.
The marks:
1. No bite needed, more a matter of mind and energy I think (the Killing Dance proves no contact needed though there may be special circs for what happens in that book-more on that later)
2. this is mind, the floating eyes into the eyes
3. master takes blood from servant
4. servant takes blood from master

Clowns don't bother me though my daughter says they're creepy².

message 9: by Lisarenee (new)

Lisarenee | 7659 comments Gosh darn it I'm having so much fun reading these books with you guys!:)

message 10: by Ingrid (last edited Feb 16, 2011 07:45AM) (new)

Ingrid  (initch) I'm totally with you Carol about blowing through these books. I thank you in advance for the warning about creepy vampire children. I think I 'll go ahead and finish the book I'm on and then wait for everyone to catch up to each other.

I'm totally loving the read it with me challenge! Such a great idea.

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