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Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Hey,all hunters can come here!to talk and play,or everything(except talk about boys).

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Hey whe're are you all girls?

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Well here is one. I was actually wondering how many of you actually hunt? Like in real life

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Well Laura,I'm a real hunter .We have a group here,where I live,30 girls.And you are a hunter in real life?

message 5: by Shannon (new)

Shannon | 17 comments I'm not a Hunter in real life only here but I love it.No one really gets it.

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Yep i am though i only shoot duck rabbits and quail though it's a lot of fun what do you shoot Camilli

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Lia Aprill (Demigod_Liya) | 1 comments Shannon wrote: "I'm not a Hunter in real life only here but I love it.No one really gets it."

Hi! I'm Lia. *smiles*
I'm a Hunter. do you a hunter too?

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Oh Laura, I hunt the same things as you, though here too there are larger animals

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Cool i want to shoot bigger things. Like i only use a shotgun. Do you use rifles or Bow and arrows. Ooh and do you shoot clay targets i do that too.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Big things are difficult . By the way , I use bow and arrows,sometimes I have to use a knife or swords,when I get into a fight with my hunt.

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Oh cool that sounds like so much fun. Oops i deleted the bit about clay target shooting down here because i already asked up there. Sorry didn't read t properly.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Yeah..but not too many times...only when we're ever do it?

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Yeah a lot. I live in Victoria in Australia and that is what we do when duck season isn't on. Which is like most of the year. (SIGH)
We go rabbit shooting then too but not all that often.
In the shooting thing i have gotten a few titles. but not as many as some of my family. One went over to Samoa to represent Aus

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Oh gods! serious!If you won some titles,you must be a excellent hunter!
Me and my hunters,we don't win titles =\

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Na i'm not overly great. I have shot a lot more Clays than ducks.
The titles are small and there aren't many... like 3 or 4. The biggest two are the DTL (Down the Line) School girl junior chanpion for Victoria.
And the Field and Game School Girl champion.
The DTL on was under 15 but i came second over all, and the Field and Game one was all ages just as long as they were still in between year 7 and 12
But that isn't that big even if it sounds so. My cousin won A grade at the Nationals
I haven't even gotten to B grade or shot a 25 yet eek!

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Oh,But I really think you're a great hunter!
Let's see, I'm the 2th Lt. and I dont have any title...You should be proud of yourself!

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Thank you.
So what actually happens in this hunting group i have never heard of anything like it

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Oh,we're really the Artemis Hunters,we hunt with bow and arrow(sometimes knife and swords).We do swearing of chastity,all these things...We camp,we travel togheter

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Sounds like fun. And there is something that is about 10 billion times better than what i do. Using a bow and arrow. Like seriously cool. So where do you actually come from?

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Oh and thank you for joining my group!

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Anyway gootta go to bed. Good night.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Yeah!It's really fun!I'm from Brazil,really far away from Australia right?
By the way I loved your group,and Good Night for you,hahaha,here in Brazil,is like morning...

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Thank you. I love your group.
Hahaha. That's weird. So is it the 13th over there or not

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Anwww *-*
Yeah it's like...

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Hehe. Do you use dogs when you hunt.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Yeah,siberian dogs,they look just like wolfs,they're great hunt you use dogs too?

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Yeah Labradors. They are great allrounders. BEST DOGS EVER!!!!

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) hahahaha...they're great too,bur my favorites are the Siberian huskies

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They're beautiful. I love them. What is you favourite animal full stop.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) hahaha...only hunt dogs....i didn't like other animals

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Well i lurve tigers, actually all predators. Except those fugly hyenas euw!

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) hahahaha...well,so..I like lions

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Hehe. Lions are AWESOME

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) yeah...hahaha...sure

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So... Are you still at school?

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Yeah...but now I'm in vacations...You're still on school?

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Yep. Sorry it took so long to come back on. I have had a lot happening. Yeah i am at school just started year nine

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) worry about old are you?

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14. How old are you? Or well how long have you been hunting

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) I'm 14 too..and...let me see...I've been a hunter..By one year in April...

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Oh cool. I have been shooting since it was legal to obtain a lisence. So i have been shooting for two years

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) we dont need a lisence for this...

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Really!... WOW! Haven't been getting on much lately... Sorry.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Hahaha...don't worry about it.No problems *big smile*

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In school right now... Finished my work don't worry LOL I'm surprised i could actually get onto Goodreads at school... Hey do you get Netbooks?

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) On schools?Not...really sad...We just write with pens and papers...=(

The Angel in Hell (kitty_cat_angel) I just joined this group, im so glad i found it, im a major fan of the Artemis hunters. she is my favorite goddess...and the one i model my life after.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Really?We're proud to aceppt you so...Welcome

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Welcome to the group mate! GO ARTEMIS HUNTERS!!!!!!!! Woohoo woohoo! I'm freaky and you know it!

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Hahaha!Great!Laura you're a crazy-cool...

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