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Hush Hush series SERIES SPOILERS!!!!!!!!

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Now i want to know what people thought about the first and second of these books i personally loved them

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Well...I didn't read yet...but I will...=)

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Yay. Cool. I'm just glad somebody commented on my group!

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) hahaha...I invite some of my friends for your group too

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YAY! Thank you! Your awesome!

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Annw *-*
Thank you

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So what TV shows do you have over there.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) We have many here,but all of them are boring =\

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Awww... That would suck. Do you have Supernatural

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) Yeah,but I really never saw...I really like the Mtv tv shows like,do you have My life as Liz?

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No never heard of it. Seriously though. Supernatural is the BEST, even if it is only because of Jared Padalecki is the main character.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) hahaha..ok...they have that actor too..Jake abel,right?From pj and the lightning thief...
by the way,i have to go to bed now..need sleep..good night

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Wow ok then. Afternoon here LOL. Nighty Night.

Camilli Hades Daughter (mihjackson) hahahah crazy world

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