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C M Jessie (jessica): Fallen Royal, loves Jacob
James (james): Gaurdian, loves Jezz

James talked over the situation with Jess

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C M "I dont know Jezz." James kissed her head. Jessie hugged her knees to her chest

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C M James held her. "I know." he whispered.

Jessie leaned back onto Jacobs chest. "I was going to be a Royal..."

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C M "I can't im a Fallen." She whispered, James glanced at her. "Jez is right, we can do it this weekend. Im your gaurdian Jessie, and I swear you WILL be a Royal."

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C M Jess looked up hopefully at James, he gave her a shy smile. "You know I believe in you." He whispered

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C M James nodded and took Jezzebelles hand, pulling her to her feet, picking her up, and soaring into the sky to fin himself in a tree. He set her down on a fat long branch, anf found once below hers a little, finding it rather cozy.

Jessie on the other hand had grown accustomed to the grass and layed close to jacob.

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C M "Im not sleeping yet." She smiled and cuddles against his chest.

"No, of course not."

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C M "I need you," Jessie whispered before kissing him.

"Its amazing, adrenalizing, the only suckish part is I can feel and knoe what shes thinking...like dirty thoughts of Jacob right now." He winced.

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C M Jessie held his cheek, other hand in his hair.

"Its not your fault, beside..." He was quiet for a minuet, "dont you just want to know how Jacob smaells like blue axe?" He gave a soft smile

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C M "I don't want to," Jessie whispered

James grinned

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C M Jess kissed him, softly and sweetly, like an angel.

James fun-loving self dissolved. "I don't know if we can do it, Jessies nervous, and we need her stong, theres four of us, and hundred-thousands of them. We need to be great and supernatral to do this. Jacobs our only Fallen Royal, so hes our best hope. I dont know Jezzi, i dont know..."James whispered

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C M "I cant, im with an angel." She whispered.

"Of course," he tucked her hair behind her ear.

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C M "I dont care." She whispered, lips on his neck.

James stared at her, long and hard. He stood up on his branch and looked down at Jessie, seeing her happy. His eyes snapped back to Jezzie. "You think your funny? At a time like this? Jezzabelle. I needed you sane cause they wernt, then you go teeling stories like this?" He hissed, agitaated and ready to kill any Royal, even Jacob.

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C M Jessie groaned and stood, heading off towards the woods. Want to keep thinking of Jez, fine, just do it when im not there.

James groweled and took after her, arms gripped around her tight. "You really hgad to spring this on me now?! When im at my ultime pissed-off time?! And now I have to go find Jessie!"

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C M "Jezzabelle you get back here!" James was now worried as all hell. If they got spotted by a Royal, Gaurdian, or anyone unfallen, they'd die too. Sorry Jess.

"Everythings about her! Even James is always thinkning about her! I thought you were the one who was soposed to forget all the others!" Jessie wiped her eyes.

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C M "Jezz!" James yelled

Jessie hugged herself. Crying.

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C M Royals surrounded Jessie and Jacob. "Freeze. Anything you say or do can be held against you in the Court of Royals."

"Jessie!" James left Jezz.

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C M James was backing jacob up. "Don't touch her!"
"We want Jezzabelle, Jessica, James, and Jacob."
"Your needed."

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C M "Court has had a detection of Fallens rebelling. You as leaders."

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C M (its okay :))

"Jessica you are under Exicution Date, anything you speak can and will be held against you in the court of Royals." Jessie went wide eyed as they slapped the thorn and steel cuffs onto her wrists wich began to bleed.

James growled as some were slapped on his too.

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C M (i had my first kiss last night :))

Once in the Rolay Courts, Jess was in a holding cell, she was scared, alone, and blindfolded. "Jacob?" She whimpered.
"Jessie im here." James whispered, his cell across from hers, the binfold didnt look too bad on him, but he failed in protecting her, now se was going to die, and so was he.

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C M ((ya, it was perfect <3))

With both boys here and worried, Jess cried. This was her fault. She sat againt the wall, then sniffled.
James sat, cuffs behind him, he rolled on his back and brought his feet strait up in the air, and pulled his hands forward, then bringing his knees into a kneeling position. His hands were in front. He took of the blindfold. "Jess, Im gunna get you out of here."

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C M (we wre at the movies, he put his arm around me (mind that his palms were sweating and he was warm) I said "Your nevrous." he said. "No im not." I shrugged then he put his finger under my chin and tilted my head up and he kissed me. Soft at first then...making out*blush*))
"Jezzy." James whispered as he closed his eyes and pulled his wrists apart, the chains snapped. he pulled open the door then helped Jess. "Jessie honey your going to be fine." He took off her blindfold.

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C M (*blush* yeah, it was)

"Screw it." James murmered, Guadian side all in his mind. Save Jessie, save her... He pulled off her blindfold, then snapped the cuffs links off, pulling her to her feet. "Jacob? You ready?"

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C M (and again last night *blush*)

"Im doing my job Jezz." He grabbed Jess and picked her up, running.

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C M (hes sweet)
(i know:( )

"Not when her safteys at stake, lets go Jess." He scooped her up in his arms and jumped into the sky.

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C M "I can't think Jez, I just do." he dove into te woods, finally let Jess breathe

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C M (he broke up wif me)
Jessie hugged him and James sighed

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C M (ben broke up with me... :'( )

James glared at Jacob. "Fuck off, Royal." James held Jess close to him.

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C M (its okay i guess...)

"What!" He yelled, holding Jess closer to him, breathing hard and ragged, his wings drooped and he was slightly red in the face. Jessie shivered and stood still.

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C M James chose his words carefully. "Jezz, you know I care about you, hell, I even love you, but right now Jess is in trouble and I can't have her die...unless you want me dead as well?" he put his chin on Jessies shoulder and looked Jezzie in the eyes.

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C M James and Jessie laughed her let her go but only arms distance.

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C M "He don't exist, Jez." James smirked. "I would know."
"As a high ranker? He would." Jessie inched away from James and closer to her love.

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C M James eyes flashed to her movement but he relexad a little when she hugged him. Safe in someones arms. He pulled Jez slowly to him by the waist.
"There is no God, there is a Sereph. He is the ultimite."

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C M He frowned and didnt let her hand go, but kept it in both of his. "Alright, as you wish." He kissed her forehead.

Jessie started pulling Jacob away from both of them.

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C M She put a finger to her lips, Quiet! Then sighed as he picked her up, stupid boy.

James snapped his wings out and called out in pain, a arrow was in between his wings.

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C M (try again, the arrow was already there, like it was shot at him as he was saving Jess but didnt feel it cuz he was so focuzed)

Jessie kissed Jacob hard on the lips.

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C M "I dont want to go with them." She whispered, kissing him again.

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C M She kissed him harder.

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