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The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, #1)
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Loretta (lorettalucia) Please discuss this week's portion here.

message 2: by Kristina (new)

Kristina (kristina3880) Is it just me or did Strider make this book so much better?!? I have been reading finding the book interesting. Now I am all about the book. I always like the bad boys that really try very hard to be heroic and good. LOL.

Loretta (lorettalucia) Yes, the Strider chapter did really, really ramp things up.

Loved the sense of danger in that first chapter (I'm still reading).

I agree, Kristina, that this section really seems to be where it starts to get more exciting. I can't wait to keep reading (but it's getting a tad late... lol).

I have one question, that might be a tad late, but it just occurred to me.

Does anyone think that Tolkien is trying to make a point, in the earlier chapters, about isolationism? He points out frequently that Hobbits like to keep to themselves, and not go out into the greater world. But, danger comes to find them anyway, proving that isolating yourself (a nation, or a culture) doesn't work to protect you from the outside world infringing. It's an interesting point to make considering that the book was published in the '60s (and of course Tolkien lived through both World Wars).

Loretta (lorettalucia) Also, has anyone else been constantly flipping back and forth to the maps to see their progress?

Nathalie (natjen29) Read it last weekend, but haven't had to chance to post before now. :)

I haven't used the maps, I'm trying to give m imagination full reign. I don't like it so much if there are too many describtions or maps, or the like. It kind of kills what books are. Private worlds, different to all.
But indeed when dealing with a completely other world, a rough map can be helpful. :)

Enough about the maps.
I love the strider character, although I can't help but see Viggo in my mind. The part of their journey towards Rivendel with Frodo wounded, was again a lot different then the movie. I'm starting to feel the book is paced slower and less happens in a quick, startling way. Instead of rushing Frodo to Rivendel, because he would die otherwise, he instead is just running from the dark men from Mordor.

I'm still finding it difficult to forget the movie and focus only on the book, being amazed by how different they start out.
I'll stop yapping now. :)

Loretta (lorettalucia) Over 50% done with Fellowship, yay! And we've finished "Book One." Congrats everyone.

message 7: by Kristina (new)

Kristina (kristina3880) YEAH!!

Loretta (lorettalucia) I'm glad that we seem to have a good little group reading this (and a couple people are just a week or two behind so should be up to where we are in the discussion soon).

Gwenyth Love (everythinggwenny) I finished this section today. I was so happy that it moved along much quicker than the last section. I adore the character of Strider, of course I too keep seeing Viggo...but's that's ok. :) I was a little disappointed when the river crossing section didn't turn out like the movie. I really liked the way the movie portrayed it. I kept saying, where is Arwen?

I am also noting how rushed things seemed in the movie and how much more drawn out they are in the book. I thought it would slow the story down, but it is making enough sense to not grate on me, so that's good!

On to Book 2!

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Loretta (lorettalucia) Yay, Gwenyth, congrats on catching up.

Yes, I also keep seeing Viggo... but that's a good sight to see, so I'm okay with it.

The movies definitely were rushed in comparison to the book. That makes sense for a movie's pacing, but I actually also like the way things are slowere here, as it really shows you how long and arduous the journey is. Reading the book, I can really feel the days, weeks, and months pass by.

Melissa I am almost caught up. Finished the first book this afternoon.

It is funny but Viggo, Sean Astin, and occasionally Ian McKellan are the only actor's who I see super-imposed on their characters when I am reading (I've had no problem with any of the other characters so far). It will be interesting to see which actors show up in my imagination as I read on (I wouldn't be surprised if Hugo Weaving, Sean Bean, or Karl Urban show up in my imagination). :)

I got everlastingly tired of Elijah Wood as Frodo.

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