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message 1: by K.B. (new)

K.B. Shaw (ipulpfiction) | 13 comments Does anyone know who came first: The pulp's "Black Bat" or the comic's Batman?

message 2: by Roger (new)

Roger Cottrell (rogercottrell) | 19 comments I don't know but strongly suspect that Bob Kane's BATMAN followed the "Black Bat," which raises interesting questions. The creators of Superman were completely ripped off by DC and Kane was very determined this wasn't going to happen to him. That said, most narratives are intertextual and infleunced by other narratives and the strong noir ambience in the better Batman stories suggests a knowledge of Black Mask's content at the very least. Ironcally, Kane hated the reinvention of Batman as the Dark Knight following Alan Moore's seminal graphic novel of the late 1980s - which retraced its noir roots and saved both the franchise and DC. When I was a kid Marvel comics were infinutely superior to DC but ths hasn't been the case now for quite a while.

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven | 5 comments the first comic with Batman has the cover date of May 1939. The first Thilling-Pines pulp with Black Bat had the cover date of July 1939. there was an earlier Black Bat that ran for about 6 issues in 1933-1934, but he was a regular detective, like the Saint.

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