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ok here we go!

Name: James
rank: Prince
personality: at first he seems boring, dull lifeless,formal But once he is with his friends he is funny, laughing joking around. He is easy to talk to and understanding/ he doesn't complain much and always tries to help people.
family: both his parents are king and queen, he has 2 brothers and 1 sister. Brother: Alex who is 18 and Drake who is 15
sister is Jessie who is 15
history: none yet
other: has a horse name Ace

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Name: Alex
rank: prince
personality: at first he is calm, quite but not shy. With his brothers he is rough funny laughing and kind. Treats everyone with respect
family: same as James

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Name: Drake
rank: prince
personality: always funny, goofy laughing. Doesn't like wearing fancy clothing
family: same as James

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Name: Jessie
Personality: hates being rich and princess. she acts like a boy a lot. Tries to wear pants a lot, and acts like her brothers
family: same as james

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Natalie name: Isabelle
Age: 16
rank: princess of the wealthiest family in England.
personality: when at formal events of any kind, she is polite, elegant, and perfectly behaved. When on her own or by herself, she tends to disobey the rules and does as she likes. She always dresses beautifully or elegantly simple whenever she leaves her mansion.
family: king charles (father) queen martha (mother)
history: a long line of extremely wealthy ancestors
other: loves to flirt and fool around with handsome men as she pleases secretly, but never stays attched to one or goes too far.

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Natalie ((im ready wen you are! :D))

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((ok!)) ((So excised lol!))

James, Alex, Jessie and Drake ran through the palace halls laughing and yelling. Jessie was wearing pants and a shirt, looking just like a boy. They ran into the throne room and tackled each other all laughing. "boys!" their mother shouted hurrying over. They sighed getting up. Their mother looked at them sternly. "We will be having a guest coming soon. You must all act and behave properly"she said. They groaned except for Alex who nodded. "Jessie get back into a dress right now!"their mother ordered "But-"Jessie began then stopped for their mom was glaring. They all nodded and walked back. Once they were out of the room Jessie sighed "I hate dresses!"she muttered. Alex patted her back. James smiled a little "Everyone meet in my room in a half hour?'jemes asked. They all nodded and went to their rooms

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Natalie Isabelle sat in the living room, her legs dangling over the side of the chair. She had an elegant dress on and heels, and her hair was straight and became a little curly towards the ends. She had to change into a fancier dress then she would have on a Monday afternoon, but she and her mother and father had a special dinner at another royal palace in an hour. She sighed playing with her hair.

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They all changed and then came into James's room. Jessie took the dress off relieving pants and a shirt. They laughed and went back to their fight

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Natalie "Isabelle, we are leaving now. And for God's sake if you sit like that at their palace you Will be punished," her mother, the queen, said sternly. Isabelle sighed and got up. She stood up straight and smoothed the wrinkles off her dress. She got into the carriage and they began to go to the palace.

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All 4 ran outside and down the hall laughing and yelling. They raced outside tackling one and another

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Natalie The carriage continued, they were about 10minutes away. "Isabelle," her father said, bring Isabelle's attnetion back. "Yes father?" She asked, slightly irritated by the fact she had to attend a special dinner at a palace where she could be with her friends buying new dresses. "Behave young lady," he said gently. Isabelle sighed and laid back. She looked at her father and mother and looked back out the window. She rested her chin on her palm.

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James laughed as they started throwing mud

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Natalie The carriage was parked outside of the palace. She looked at the palace. "This isn't nearly as grand as ours father. Why is this dinner so important?" she asked her father. Her father ignored her and stepped out of the carriage, helping her mother and Isabelle out. Isabelle smoothed out her dress again and decided she didn't want to act to strict or stern on herself, so she didn't stand up completely straight.

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James came running around, his good clothing covered in mud. Alex and Drake were right behind him. Jessie wa sin front her hair streaming out. All were covered in mud from head to toe. Jessie saw the 3 royal people and skidded to a stop. James slid into her, then Drake then Alex. They all yelled in surprised falling down

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Natalie Isabelle had to admit she looked amazingly beautiful in her dress. Though she always looked amazing, she loved the way the color and style of the dress looked on her. A man and woman walked out of the entrance of the palace and came up to them.

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"Who are they!?"Jessie shouted as she got up. "No clue..."James said and Drake and Alex shrugged. They got up and threw some mud at Jessie for knocking them over then ran over to the ryals. jessie glared grabbing mud and running after them. "Hello King ((name? and Queen ((name?))"the king said as the boys ran over

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Natalie ((Was it Drake, Alex, James, and Jessie's father that said hello? Isabelle's dad and moms names are King Charles and Queen Martha))

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((yea and thanks))

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Natalie King Charles and Queen Martha smiled and nodded hello to them. Isabelle looked over and saw 3guys and 1girl running over. She looked them up and down, seeing the mud all over the clothes.

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Jessie threw the mud at the boys who all ducked "ha!"they yelled as it sailed over them hitting Isabell in the face


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Natalie ((awww kk))
Isabelle stood in shock and screamed. Their maid rushed over and wiped the mud off her face. She was furious. She looked over at the stunned faces of the people that were playing with mud. She glared at them. Her mother and father starred at the people. The faces of the other king and queen were furious.

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Jessie tried to keep a straight face but let out a small giggle. James started to chuckle and soon all 4 were laughing and rolling on the ground. "That's it boys!"heir father yelled 'Nut I'm a girl! And trust me i hate it it!"Jessie said laughing harder. "All of you to bed now! No supper"their mother said. They shrugged laughing still.

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Natalie Isabelle starred at them, shocked. She starred at them walk away and yelled, "Who do you think you are!" she walked up further past the other king and queen.

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"well I'm Alex"Alex said
"James" they said smiling

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Natalie Isabelle glared at them. "How old are you, like three? Grow up and stop playing with mud!" she screamed at them. She was disgusted at them, even though the guy who called himself alex was handsome.

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Natalie ((hello??))

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"Oh well I'm 18"Alex said wiping some mud off
"I16!"james said
"15"Drake added
"I'm 5 too"Jessie replied.
"you need to loosen up, have some fun, Let your hair down"she added

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Natalie "You act like children," she said disgustedly at them, shocked by how they acted. She turned and looked at the other king and queen. "If this is how you let your children behave, then I can't imagine how you would treat your guests!"

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"hey don't go insulting our parents!"James snapped coming over "This was all my plan, and we like having fun! Our parents didn't know about it until now"he snapped

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Natalie Isabelle looked back at him. She walked up to him and glared at him. "Then I think you should be the one apologizing," she said, and smirked.

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"Umm why should we apologize when we were just having fun?"James asked

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Natalie "Because you threw mud at me!" she said. "And I bet I'm older then you, so you owe respect." She looked back at the other three people and glared.

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"how old are you?"James asked

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Natalie "16, turning seventeen in a week," she said, scrunching her nose as she looked at the mud all over him.

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"see I'm 16 turning 17 in 2 days"James replied smirking almost.

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Natalie "Well, at least I act my age," she replied, smirking back.

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James shrugged "Well then your life must be pretty boring"he replied turning away. The king glared at them "All of you get changed now! And come back down in a half hour!"he roared. "yes father"they said then hurried away. They all took showers and got dressed. The boys wore fancy pants and shirts all looking very handsome. Jessie wore a purple dress her long brown hair curled, and hanging loose. They all looked very good and made their way down the stairs. Jessie fidgeted in the dress "I can't breath!"She said. James frowned "Corset?'he asked and she nodded. He patted her hand gently and she tried to smile as they walked down

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Natalie Isabelle talked with her parents, disgusted at how they had acted towards her. They were sitting at the table as the queen constantly kept apologizing. Isabelle forgave her. She had been completely cleaned up and had to change into a new dress. It was more gorgegous then the first. It brought her chest up a little more, but she didn't mind. She laughed with the queen and her parents at the table.

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the 4 came walking in Jessie pulling at the collar line. "Jessie stop that"their mother hissed "I can't breath let alone run!"she cried. James came over and sat down across from Isabelle.

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Natalie Isabelle ignored the four of them walk in and take their seats. She continued to laugh with the king as he told Isabelle and her parents stories about their trips.

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James found himself listening. He loved to travel and listen to peoples stories. Jessie and Alex were talking softly while Drake was playing with his food

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Natalie "Well, when we traveled up to Italy it was extraordinary! The food, fashion, historic sites, it is a much grander place then England," Isabelle said to the king. "Have you ever been there?" she asked the king.

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The king shook his head "We were planning to take the children to Italy..."he replied. James sighed bored. He thought about the book up in his room and sighed.
Jessie nodded her face getting pale

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Natalie Isabelle nodded. "Oh you must join us on our trip this summer back up to Italy and France! It would be such a pleasure to have you and your family accompany us!" Isabelle's mother said. Isabelle turned her head to her mother so the king and queen couldn't see her disgusted expression. Isabelle ate her scone.

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James said nothing thinning about his book.
"Jessie...?"Alex asked. Jessie stood "excuse me"she said and hurried away. Jame got up and went after her. Alex frowned and Drake looked up

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Natalie Isabelle looked up at the girl named Jessie walking away. She saw that her face was pale. "Is she ill?" she asked the queen and king sincerely and worried about Jessie.

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The queen shook her head "I don't know. They are good children though. They all care for each other so much"she said. Jessie sat down on the stairs trying to breath. James ran over 'Jessie....?"he asked before she fainted "Help!"James shouted

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Natalie Isabelle and the queen and king stood up. Isabelle ran over to Jessie's side. "God it's her corset," she whispered. Isabelle unlaced the back of her dress and untied the ribbon of the corset, making it looser for Jessie but didn't take it off so she wouldn't expose her chest.

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Jessie opened her eyes gasping. She sighed taking a deep breath and took the corset off, relieving a white shirt she ha under. James looked at her then hugged her tightly "Thank you'he said to Isabelle as Alex and Drake raced over

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