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Stories from Miscellaneous genres that I really liked are featured here!

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Melanie (noreally) | 46 comments Mod
Someone submitted this and I really loved it! It really makes me want to see whats next. Great prologue for a story!

I run through the trees, following Jayden. I see that the trees end and Jayden stops; I wonder why, I mean we have to get out of here. I catch up and see why; it’s a cliff above the ocean.
“What are we going to do?” he asks. I look down, there are no rocks, it looks deep enough but it’s a long jump.
“We jump.” I say, as if to prove we have to do it another gunshot fires and we both drop to the ground. “We have to.” I know we might not live if we jump but we would defiantly not live if we stay here.
“I know, but it’s so high.” I know he is afraid of heights; I reach my hand out and he takes it. “On the count of three.” He whispers.
“One...” I say
“Two...” He say’s
“Three!” We say together and jump. I feel the wind rushing past me; Jayden and I are both screaming, the sound echoing off the rock.
Then...we hit the water, we sink down from the force. I don’t let go of his hand; I gasp for air but only get a mouth full of water. Jayden pulls me back up to the surface and I breathe in the fresh air. We slowly make are way to the cost line; Listening to the people shoot at us from above.
We pull our selves onto the sand and take cover in the trees.
“We have to get the others to come get us.” Jayden says, I pull my cell out from my zippered pocket but it’s done for. I start to laugh and he looks at me like I’m crazy; who knows maybe I am. The look just makes me laugh harder.
“Life is so messed up!” I get out, “I mean can you believe that just happened!” I laugh some more. “We almost died! That is so hard to believe!”
“You’re crazy.” He tells me while smiling. “But we survived....for now.” Then I remembered what we went there for; I search my pockets, and then look at my hand. There it is on my finger. Her ring.

This is by Jessie. This is a link to the writer's profile: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/40...

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