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message 1: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. Does anyone enjoy George MacDonald books? I love his books. Sometimes I struggle with the old Scottish, but if I read aloud those parts I usually can follow the conversations.

I am not Scottish but I love the culture and am married to a man who's family was from Harwick.

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Houghton | 1 comments I am a big fan of MacDonald. A couple of years ago my sister and I took a trip to Scotland, tracing some of the places critical in his life and books. His hometown, Huntly, is a wonderul little place. He used many places from there in his books (such as the ruins of Huntly Castle). Do you read more of MacDonald's fiction, or non-fiction?

message 3: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 23 comments I have read several of his books and plan to read more. I love the Scot's brogue and have found the more i read books that use it, the more i know about it. If you want another good author who writes about scotland and also has a dictionary at the end of her books, look up the books of Liz Curtiz Higgs. I highly recommend them.

message 4: by Karen L. (last edited Jan 31, 2011 09:01AM) (new)

Karen L. Hi Rebecca & Anne,

Thank you both for such encouraging and helpful responses! So glad to know others love MacDonald. I like his fiction. I am not familiar with his non fiction, but will look up info on it.

I will look up the author Liz Curtiss Higgs.

Also I look forward to chatting here about MacDonald books in the future.

Don (The Book Guy) (donthelibrarian) I like his books, but I must say that it was in the 70's when I got out of college that I read a few of his fiction works. This thread has encouraged me to track down his works and reread them.

message 6: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. I just found this helpful Scottish words link online. I am using it as I read George MacDonald.

message 7: by Old-Barbarossa (last edited Feb 09, 2011 07:19AM) (new)

Old-Barbarossa Don't feel bad about needing to use this. I moved from Strathclyde to Grampian ages ago and discovered the dialect spoken up there bewildering. Not only the doric itself but the accent.
A fair few regional dialects in the country, though they are being watered down by the MTV effect.
But I have yet to find anyone that talks like Scotty from Star Trek or groundsman Willie...apart from when in the pub quoting said characters.

message 8: by Old-Barbarossa (new)

Old-Barbarossa Oh, also worth a wee look is:

message 9: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. Thanks Old Barbarossa! I did check out the link and it looks helpful :). I am noticing now that I looked up a few of the words, that I am figuring out the different spelling patterns of old Scottish. it is getting easier to read it more smoothly.

message 10: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. A friend told me about this family who makes George MacDonald books that look like the original old Victorian books. here is the link.

message 11: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. I am reading this MacDonald now.

It is SO good. I am listening to it on my kindle, as I recover from a virus. Well, back to bed and to listen to "Thomas Wingfold-Curate."

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