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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
((This is the Ship Captain's dorm.))

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
Sevania collapsed onto her bed and sighed. The ship was ready to take off, and she was extremely nervous.

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
A consistent whir, starting soft and growing louder and louder, warned Sevania of the Galahad's engines revving up. It took at least ten minutes to get them going at full speed.

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
Sevania went to the window to catch one last real glimpse of Earth, her home. She had nobody she wanted to stay here for, but she would miss the smell of the pine trees, the sounds of the birds and the wind in the leaves. She was glad she had purchased, as a going away present for herself, a CD player and a few CDs full of nature sounds. The player and the CD cases lay on her dresser, along with a small pine bough in an airtight plastic container. This, Sevania had decided, she would only open and smell if it was an emergency, because if the branch somehow died she didn't know where she'd be.

Aside from her dresser, the only things in the room were a bedside table adorned with a blue-shaded lamp and her bed, which was covered with white sheets and a thick blue comforter. In her dresser were all of her clothes (which weren't very many). However, the walls were another matter. They were plastered with posters of Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and other national parks. Sevania hadn't bothered to put up posters up celebrities or fashion- she knew she would miss the nature on Earth most when she got to Eos.

The sound of the engines got even louder, nearly bursting her eardrums, and Sevania clasped her hands over her ears, though not moving from her spot at the window. She tried to stare at the landscape like she never had before, drinking in the site of beautiful Earth, her home that she was leaving.

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
If possible, the engines turned up a notch, and the ship began tilting on the launch pad. As gravity shifted, her precious pine bough and CD player began sliding off the dresser. Sev lunged for her stuff, gathering it all it her arms and leaning against the wall, because as the floor became vertical it was the only place she could be. So this is why they told us to secure all our stuff. The furniture must be nailed to the floor, Sevania realized. She had meant to, but the notion had escaped her mind. The lamp started to slide, and the girl captain held onto her stuff with one hand and reached out to steady the light with the other. The ship began rising...

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Finally, it leveled out. Sevania stayed leaning against the wall for a long time, then finally righted the lamp and reorganized the things on her dresser.

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As she was tidying her CDs, she almost unwillingly glanced up and out the window. There was earth, glorious in blue and white and green, the only planet that she knew could support life in the universe. It was strong- strong enough to survive through human pollution, multiple ice ages, and raging volcanoes. Yet, looking back at her home planet against the infinite black sky, it seemed so fragile, so precious. As if a giant finger could reach out and pluck it away, or even crush it. Sevania dropped her CDs in a pile and walked slowly over to the window, pressing her hands against the sturdy, clear material. She would miss it. She wouldn't miss her stupid parents, or her miserable life, but she would miss the nature on earth, the proof that this incredibly sturdy, unimaginably fragile world was still there. That her home planet still thrived, even if the entire human race wouldn't.

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Sevania stared until Earth was just a tiny speck in the sky. Then she sighed, a long, deep sigh. She was homesick already. There's nothing you can do about that. Turning away from the window, Sevania went over to the door and stepped outside. Better get to know the home that would be hers for the next few years.

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