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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
Unlimited charries of all ethnicities, though only one on the council! And it would be great if you could have both boys and girls. Please create your characters in this format:

Age: (12-16)
Field of Expertise: (Sick House worker, Fitness worker, Engineering worker, Agriculture worker)
Crush: (Totally optional)

Down here I will put a list of qualities that you may make your character have, this is to balance out the ages and stuff. These are only suggestions and you do not have to do this whatsoever.

Age 13 or 16
Race/ethnicities other than caucasion

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
Name: Sevania Mandell (Sev for short)
Age: 16
Appearance: Like this.
Personality: Open to suggestions, but she knows how to be firm. She's a great public speaker. Sevania's good at not showing her opinions and emotions but alone she can really vent out. And she does.
Field of Expertise: Ship captain
Crush: Open
Other: She likes to airboard, but often doesn't have time. Both her mom and dad are still alive but her mom is an alcoholic and her dad's a timid, skinny man. Sev was glad to get away from Earth. She doesn't have any siblings.

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Name: Carina Hutchin
Age: 15
Appearance: Short cropped dark chocolate brown hair with blond highlights, piercing sharp green eyes, and tan
Personality: Sharp (just like her eyes), strict, very rarely is she kind
Field of Expertise: Fitness
Crush: ???
Other: She's from Hawaii, she can speak her native language (can speak English of course), her mom and dad died from the disease, her brother is 16 and her sister is seven.

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Sky  (clear_sky) | 407 comments Mod
Name: Lynn
Age: 15
Appearance: Long curly brown hair, bright blue eyes
Personality: To be Rped
Field of Expertise: Engineering
Other: Was orphaned as a child. Has been living on her own ever since. Doesn't have any other family.
Crush: Open

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
Name: Arietta Concord
Age: 12
Personality: Extremely shy and quiet. Once you gain her trust she comes out of her shell. Skilled in computer workings and hacking. She's a very good artist. Arietta has been made old beyond her years, and she understands way more than a normal 12 year old does.
Field of Expertise: Engineering worker
Other: Her mom is dead from the disease, and her dad was sickening as she was taken away for quarantine. She has a little sister, Natally, who she didn't want to leave,but her dad told her to go and help save the human race.

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
First boy!

Name: Brenon Goodmin
Age: 15
Appearance: Click here.
Personality: Brenon's a funny guy. He's great at brightening the mood in a stressful situation, though he often doesn't get it when people tell him he's not helping. He used to live on a ranch in Wyoming, USA.
Field of Expertise: Agriculture worker
Crush: Maybe later
Other: He had an 18 year old sister, who died from the disease. He is parents were grief-stricken and let him go because they couldn't bear to see their children die. Neither his mo or his dad had contracted the disease when he left.

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Sky  (clear_sky) | 407 comments Mod
Second boy!! ((lol))

Name: Ethan
Age: Almost 16 ((turns sixteen a week or so after they leave))
Appearance: tall, short black hair, gray eyes
Personality: To be Rped
Field of Expertise: Sick House
Other: His parents and older sister died from the disease.
Crush: Open

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Name: Satori Tsumiko
Age: 14
Personality: She is a girl who is usually quiet but is always determined to speak if it is necessary. She usually is working or helps people with agricultural needs. She is usually found reading about plants and animals to learn more information even if she is a captain.      
Family: She is known because of her mother and her field in biology. Her father is an environmentalist but she doesn't even know where he is.
Field of Expertise: Agriculture
Other: She is the only child but plans to find a friend but seems to stand alone for her intelligence and her being sometimes a nerd. Satori's family is from japan but she was born in  Maine.

Name: Tsubasa Kobayashi /Jun Tsuskino
Age: 15
Personality: He is quiet and silent person. He usually doesn't tell his name and he is a person filled with surprises because his life is a shell. He has a spilt personality which is his calm side and his mean side.
Appearance: He has brown hair and his eyes are blue.
Field of Expertise: Engineering worker
Other: He loves math and that is why he is good in engineering.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Name: Kiana
Age: 15
Her Appearance
Personality: Kind, smart, outgoing
Field of Expertise: Sick House captain (if eligible)
Other: Has a twin bro

Name: Laruin
Age: 15
His Appearance
Personality: A bit flirty, doesn't like to listen to his sister. He think of himself as the 'big bro' even though they're the same age.
Field of Expertise: Engineering
Other: Has a twin sis

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Name: Audrey Simones
Age: 15
Appearance: average height (5'4"), lean body type, olive-like skin color, dark brown hair that goes three inches past her shoulders, there are light freckles over her nose and cheecks and her eyes are an emerald green.
Personality: to be roleplayed out
Field of Expertise: engineer worker
Other: has a younger cousin whose like her brother. Audrey is italian decent.

Name: Mateo Comis
Age: 14
Appearance: tall for his age (5'7"), slightly muscular but not bulky or lean, tanned skin, short black curly, golden-brown eyes
Personality: to be roleplayed
Field of Expertise: Sick house
Other: Has an older cousin though he's taller than her. Looks after her like a brother. Greek decent, a talent for 'healing'.

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
Name: Santoso Budi
Age: 14
Appearance: Like this.
Personality: Can be stern but can also be really nice. He's never actually mean-just strict. Santoso believes working out can take your worries away, he practically worships exercise machines.
Field of Expertise: Fitness worker
Other: He's from Indonesia, his name means 'Peaceful, the wise one'. His family was dead even before the disease struck, and he was living with his rich, mean aunt when he got the phone call from Galahad mission workers. Shortly after his aunt died from the disease and Santoso accepted the offer.

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Name: Lily Parker
Age: 12
Appearance: Long dark blond hair, blue cheerful eyes, and freckles dotted across her face, dark tan
Personality: Jolly, kind, but quiet
Field of Expertise: Agriculture worker
Crush: Open
Other: Grew up in Australia, her two older brothers died from the disease, her dad and mom didn't have it when she left. She had a pet snake named Walnut, she loved him dearly and was crushed when she had to leave him. She also airboards.

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
((Yay! Here's Carina's))

Name: Takoda (The One With Courage)
Age: 15
Appearance: Goldish skin, dark hair to his shoulders, large, deep brown eyes.
Personality: He talks very little, and when he does, he's got something important to say, so you better listen. He specializes in medicine, on the reservation that his family was living on before the disease struck he was training to be the next medicine man.
Field of Expertise: Sick House worker
Crush: Eventually, Carina.
Other: None of his family was ill before he went into quarantine, although they had lost friends. It made it even harder for him to leave them.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name:Kida Atla
Age: (under 16, over 11)15
Appearance: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&...
Personality:Total Tomboy, sometimes she even forgets she's a girl, very sarcastic, but she can be sirious
Field of Expertise: (Sick House worker, Fitness worker, Engineering worker, Agriculture worker): Enineering
Crush: none at da momeny
Other:.Growing up was okay for Kida, she grew up with her father and brothers in a engineering shop, she's actuually been to an engineering collage and graduated. Each of her brothers had 2 jobs, but she had 3, the house work(since her mom was a drunk and divorced to like 10 men), the shop WORK and she was a waitress at a restrautnt. Life was good, but when she turned 10, things went bad. Her father died so all her brothers had to pick up the slack and each had 3 jobs.Kida continued her job at the restraunt and was abducted by a drunk man claming to be one of her brothers, the store owner knew she had several brothers and allowed theman to take her away, Later that night, she was raped and she was 12. Thank goodness she didn't become pregnet! Her brothers felt bad after that and wouldn't let her get a job, so she had time to perfect her engineering skills.She's hostile towards men, but she considers them her best friends. Grew uo with 10 bros, so that should explain that.

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Name: Nyesha Lay
Age: 13
Appearance: Like this.
Personality: Cheerful, outgoing, light hearted. She's had a difficult past but has made herself forget about it and move on.
Field of Expertise: Sick house worker.
Crush: Open, I guess.
Other: Her older brother became a druggee and her parents disowned him. Then the disease struck and her mom died, leaving her father in a state of shell-shocked grief. He then committed suicide. Nyesha was put in an orphanage and started to show her extreme talent for healing, then one day she got a letter about the Galahad and accepted without a second thought. She lived in Alabama and has a southern accent.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name:Tranquill (Tran for short)
Age: 16
Appearance:Bobbed yellow-blonde hair, big brown eyes, paleish
Personality:Tran is shy and does almost everything she's told. She's not very outspoken or brave
Field of Expertise: Agriculture worker
Crush:none at the moment

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Name: Melody Davis
Age: 13
Appearance: Dark raspberry colored hair, chocolate brown eyes, short for her age
Personality: Is very cheerful, thoughtful, and know when to be serious
Field of Expertise: Sick House worker
Crush: No one so far
Other: She is an only child so she was usually the one always reading a book. She was devastated when her mom died from the disease. The only reason she came was her dad begged her to. She is Russian and prefers to speak Russian, speaks English mostly when needed.

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Name: Jaques Martin (Prefers to be called Jake)
Age: 12
Appearance: Black hair with permanent red streaks, light blue eyes, not pale but not tan skin
Personality: He's sarcastic, a trouble-maker, agrues alot, and very lovable
Field of Expertise: Engineering worker
Crush: Arietta
Other: He's French if you couldn't tell by his name. His English isn't the best, he never made attention in that class at school. He has the basics down though. He was the boy who always got sent to the principal office. Yet he was smart and exceeded school (except English, he barely passed). He has two younger twin sisters who are ten. He never knew his dad and his mom wasn't ill.

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Name: Adam Endicott
Age: (under 16, over 11): 15
Appearance: http://blog.oregonlive.com/news_impac...
Personality: Calm, quiet, athletic, and very inteligent. But is very lonely at points...
Field of Expertise: (Sick House worker, Fitness worker, Engineering worker, Agriculture worker): Fitness
Crush: (Totally optional): Doesn't want one...
Other: He doesn't talk much...

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Sky  (clear_sky) | 407 comments Mod
Name: Dakota
Age: (under 16, over 11): 14
Appearance: thin, short black hair, gray eyes
Personality: To be Rped out
Field of Expertise: (Sick House worker, Fitness worker, Engineering worker, Agriculture worker): Fitness worker
Crush: (Totally optional): Open
Other: Her mother died when she was little, her father died from the disease

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Sevania (sevthedev) | 894 comments Mod
Name: Déshèng Hu
Age: 13
Appearance: http://www.freechineseblog.com/wp-con...
Personality: Serious, skeptical, rebellious and strategical to name a few. I think you can kind of get the rest of him.
Field of Expertise: Agriculture
Crush: Open, but you have to be pretty determined...
Other: Family is all dead from the disease-his twin sister, Bao, was the one of the youngest people to die from it and there was great debate about whether he should be aboard the ship, because he could possibly spread the disease. He's pretty good mentally, though not brilliant like many of the other teens. Gardening is his life.

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 465 comments Mod
Name: Jane Milligan
Age: 13
Appearence:Short curly reddish-brown hair,bright green eyes, very tall
Personality: Artistic,confident,studious,adventurous
Feild of Expertise: Agricultural Worker
Other:Being a huge science fiction fan, the Galahad mission seems like the adventure of a lifetime for her. But once her father dies of the Bhaktul disease and her mother is infected too, she soon learns that adventures can be even scarier when they happen to in real life.

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Name: Opal
Age: (12-16) 12
Appearance: Opal has light brown skin, dark brown hair, and she is medium sized.
Personality: Opal is a fun - loving girl, but she knows when to be serious.
Field of Expertise: (Sick House worker, Fitness worker, Engineering worker, Agriculture worker) Fitness
Crush: (Totally optional) Dakota (That okay, Sky?)

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Kyra | 7 comments Name: Yazmin-Manolita 'Yazzy' Santos
Age: 13
Appearance: 5' exactly, pixie cut black hair, tattoo of a Mexican Flag on the back of her neck, dark eyes, carmel skin.
Personality: Sweet, caring, friendly and smart, basically an all-round good person
Field of Expertise: Engineering
Crush: is going by her family's rules, she can't date or anything until she is 15 (look up Quinceañera)
Other:Grew up in south Mexico as an only child, her mother was one of the first to die of the virus and her father worked as an engineer on the Galahad mission. She can speak spanish and french fluently, but her english is very iffy as she never had the chance to learn it until the Galahad mission's training began.

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Kyra | 7 comments Name: Manouchka Marseille
Age: 16
Appearance: Chocolate skin, 5'6, black hair done up in cornrows that go along her head form a ponytail to her shoulders,eyes that seem all pupil until you look extremely close.
Personality: Crazy daredevil, but kinda nervous around strangers until she gets to know them well.
Field of Expertise: Fitness
Crush: Often says 'don't have one, don't need one' when people ask, but she is on the lookout for the right guy
Other: Before the Galahad mission she had 5 older brothers that she looked up to and trusted to protect her. Before they died she didn't want to go on the Galahad mission, but after they where all gone she took the offer up. She can speak English well but still has some trouble writing, she started to learn only at the age of 12. She is a ballet dancer who attended many competitions and holds many awards.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Sweet!

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Kyra | 7 comments Name: Rin
Age: 12
Appearance: 4'7, petite to the extreme, long white/blonde hair (as in, down way past her waist), olive-ish skinned, Kiwi accent, grey eyes.
Personality: Very shy, nervous around others, doesn't smile that much, once compared to a dog who walks around like he's gonna get kicked. She is very guarded letting nobody in, and almost never talks. But she is very good at whatever job she has and learns quickly.
Field of Expertise: Sick House worker
Crush: Open, but she is shy and it takes time and patience to even become something of a friend.
Other: Rin has no last name, ever since she was born she has been a foster kid. She has been in some pretty bad homes, never staying anywhere more than a week. This is part of the reason she is so guarded and nervous. About 2 months before that Galahad mission was announced Rin was shipped from her native (although there is no proof) New Zealand to Canada to attended an advanced school. It was paid for by her former foster parents, who were rich beyond comprehension, because she has skipped 3 grades. It was there she was told of Galahad and applied for the mission. Now she pursues the passion she has always dreamed of, medicine, billions of miles from her home.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Very cool!

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Welcome to the group!

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Name: Sherlock Holmes
Age: (12-16) 13
Appearance: Tall, black fro, British
Personality: TBA
Field of Expertise: (IDK what's open?)
Crush: avoids girls :)
Other: Was named after Sherlock Holmes and hates it. He is very observant and deduces things like him though. He had an older brother (who, coincedentally, was named Mycroft and was obsessed with politics) and yeah.

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Really, Emily? Hm... maybe he can go by Sherly. Were his parents obsessed with SH?

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Oh and his best friend on the ship's name is John Watson. And he works in Sick House

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.....What are the odds?

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Name: John Watson
Age: 13
Appearance: Ummm gotta think.
Personality: Not the brightest kid in the ship, but still smart. (of course.)
Field of Expertise: Sick House
Crush: Ummmm A girl named Mary Morstan who I'm gonna make
Other: Was not named after Watson. Never even heard of Sherlock Holmes until he met Sherly. :P He likes to eat. :) Goes by Johny.

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Well, this group isn't very active any more, so I guess you can make whoever you want.

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Name: Charlotte Sai

Age: 13

Appearance: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0HFm-XJi1AI...

Personality: Smart, proud, independent, a bit of a know-it-all, helpful

Field of Expertise: Sick house

Crush: ...

Other: ...

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) *hugs* YOU CAME!

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I can't see the appearance for some reason....

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Kyra | 7 comments i can't either... the google link is broken

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oh. :)

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Milo Starsa
Age: 15
Appearance: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Farm...
Personality: Milo is a little, no...REALLY distant from the world. He's off in his own head, but instead of having his head in the clouds, Milo has his head in the trees. Milo is down to earth(literally), steady and possesses a sort of air around him that tells you he's trustworthy. Not much of a talker, but an excellent listener.
Field of Expertise: Agriculture Captain


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