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message 1: by Neve (new)

Neve Maslakovic (nevemaslakovic) Rick, thanks for inviting me to post in the author forum here about my debut novel!

Rather than starting out with the customary cut-and-paste of the blurb, I thought I'd tell you a bit about the book and how it came to be published.

Regarding Ducks and Universes is the lighthearted tale of a cookware writer, his alter ego, and a wayward rubber duck. It's been described as "A satisfying mix of mystery, science fiction, and the quirks of being human."

It took me five years to write it, during which I switched from being an engineer in academia to being a fiction writer.

In March 2009, I entered the manuscript in the second Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, about the same time that I started querying agents. The novel made the ABNA semifinals. It didn't win. About a year later, as I was revising and still sending queries to agents (with very limited success), I got an offer from AmazonEncore, the new "traditional" imprint of Amazon.

The book will be published both in print and on Kindle in a few weeks.

Read more about the book on the Goodreads page, Regarding Ducks and Universes, or on my website, I'd also be happy to answer any questions about the book here.

message 2: by Neve (new)

Neve Maslakovic (nevemaslakovic) David, I don't know much about Authonomy, but CreateSpace is who AmazonEncore uses for its own books. They did the editing, cover art, etc, for "Regarding Ducks and Universes." While I haven't seen the finished product yet, the ARCs were very nice and they did a great job did editing the book. The cover is great and I like the internal "feel" of the book -- it was the CreateSpace team who came up with the inspired idea of using little ducks as section breaks!

message 3: by Neve (new)

Neve Maslakovic (nevemaslakovic) I forgot to say that we're doing a giveaway right now -- for a chance to win one of ten signed copies of "Regarding Ducks and Universes" go to:

The giveaway closes on February 13.

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