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Joe (gonzoendymion) | 6 comments Mod
Still reading . . . very good, as I expected it to be. When I was young the TV mini-series scared the crap out of me and made me a life-long King devotee. This is actually my first time reading it, but I can see how people would rank it up there with The Stand and The Dark Tower as The Man From Maine's three masterpieces. About a quarter through now, this is just an update!

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Joe (gonzoendymion) | 6 comments Mod
Ok . . . wow, I am ALMOST (within 50 pages) of being done with IT! So maybe by tonight or tomorrow I'll post my thoughts. Did any of you actually read it?? LOL what did you think?

Oh, and my recommendation for September is *drumroll* the science-fiction classic DUNE. Another one from the category of I-loved-the-movie-always-wanted-to-but-never-read-the-book. So, if you're up for it get to the bookstore and get started!

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