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Nikki (aka Quinn) | 15 comments Mod
How is the Jellicoe personified in the book? What does it seem to stand for to you? Have you had a "Jellicoe Road" in your life?

message 2: by Wendy F (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Wow, deep questions. Hmmm, well I was raised without my father. I found him when I was an adult and was disenchanted... I suppose that is why I felt connected to Jellicoe Road and Looking for Alibrandi (if you haven't read that one, you should).

I don't think I was ever angry like Taylor, but I could understand why she was the way she was.

Nikki (aka Quinn) | 15 comments Mod
Thank you for sharing that. I will have to read Looking for Alibrandi. I have to admit that Jellicoe Road was a tough read for me follow so I hope her other books are a bit more clear..although i get that she was reflecting the turmoil of the characters in the writing style. I think so often a place can become a character or a symbol in your life... I think back to summers where I went to Little Wolf Lake with my family and how in some way that place personifies innocence and childhood to me. In the same way, even the scent of Chanel #5 brings me to think about my mother and her getting ready for work in the morning.

I think that the Jellicoe Road was a place of innocence and childhood as well... thinking of how the wars started... and it transformed into the long, winding journey that is growing up. Instead of battling a pretend war as a childhood game, they fought for their very lives on that road... for their sanity and for happiness. This story made me kinda depressed about my own friend situation... I wish I had a friend that goes way back and who I would do anything for and vise versa.

message 4: by Wendy F (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Looking for Alibrandi is definitely alot easier to read, not so deep and thought provoking. I loved Jellicoe Road more, but Looking for Alibrandi was still very good.

I agree with that. I didn't have a symbolic place, but I did have life long friends. I have those memories of fun times and a closeness.

I would have loved to have a Jonah Griggs though, haha.

message 5: by Todd (new)

Todd (goodreadscomtoddr) | 3 comments Jellicoe road a book about dreams interesting.

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