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message 1: by Tresor (last edited Jan 27, 2011 11:32AM) (new)

Tresor | 7 comments Gosh, I can't believe January is nearly over! I was inspired by the historical theme. I read Arthur, High King of Britain, which I hugely enjoyed, got a Rose Tremain and Philippa Gregory out of the library, but then embarked on the ultimate historical novel, War and Peace. Well, I won't get it finished by the end of January (!), but thanks for the challenge, which inspired me to give it a go.

message 2: by Tresor (last edited Feb 17, 2011 02:05AM) (new)

Tresor | 7 comments Will probably give February challenge a miss as still engrossed in War and Peace. Enjoying it hugely and find it hard to put down. Have to force myself not to keep rushing back to it while I'm doing other things. Those characters have me in their grip and I want to find out what happens to them, and to the rest of Europe!

message 3: by Em (new)

Em (emmap) | 2929 comments Sounds like you're really enjoying it Tresor! I confess to be a little intimidated by the size of it - I'm building up to it shall we say?!

message 4: by Tresor (new)

Tresor | 7 comments Hi Em - don't be intimidated! I was too, but it's so easy to read you can dash your way through it. I'm so glad I took the plunge and I know it sounds ridiculous but if it wasn't for all the other books I'm itching to read I would probably start it again from the beginning as soon as I finish it! There aren't many books I can say that about.

Lynne - The Book Squirrel (squirrelsend) | 3625 comments Em I have read it twice now, its well worth trying, it may surprise you!

message 6: by Em (new)

Em (emmap) | 2929 comments I know, I will get to it one day soon... especially since you can get it on the Kindle for next to nothing!

Lynne - The Book Squirrel (squirrelsend) | 3625 comments Em wrote: "I know, I will get to it one day soon... especially since you can get it on the Kindle for next to nothing!"

Here is a link for a copy that is free and legal too!

message 8: by Em (new)

Em (emmap) | 2929 comments Thanks Lynne!

message 9: by Tresor (new)

Tresor | 7 comments Ooh good - classics for March. I'm still reading War and Peace so can happily continue and take part in the challenge at the same time. Just have about 200 pages to go, so looking forward to choosing another classic to move on to - will have a rummage through the enormous pile at the side of the bed.

message 10: by Tresor (new)

Tresor | 7 comments Finished War and Peace so that's the classics challenge done and dusted for now. Then a bit of light relief (well, not exactly, but a quick read anyway) with The Snowman by Jo Nesbo - what a scary read that was. Dashed through The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (seems to be one of those books you love or hate, I loved it) and now we're onto biography for April and I think my current read, The Blue Flower fits the bill perfectly - another enjoyable read from the amazing Penelope Fitzgerald.

message 11: by Tresor (new)

Tresor | 7 comments Finished The Blue Flower this morning - an entertaining and thought-provoking read by Penelope Fitzgerald about the German author and philosopher Novalis (Georg Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg). I'm intrigued as to how she came to the idea of writing this novel. I've borrowed a copy of her letters from the library so that may cast some light on it. Anyway, that's April biography number one under my belt and I shall embark on Wild Swans by Jung Chang now - has been on my list of things to read for ages.

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