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MasterGamgee I have had this book on my mind for quite awhile now and was wondering if this is the correct title and if the author is known. I believe this book would have come out sometime in the 60s and would have targeted the 8-10 age group.

It wasn't very P.C. as the book was about a plump girl and a really skinny girl. I believe it had line drawings throughout the story. It might have been along the lines of the Scholastic book type, same size and book length.

That is basically all I can remember. Can anyone help?

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Lobstergirl | 40196 comments Mod
Susan, are you still looking for this book?

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Feliks (dzerzhinsky) reminds me of a girl I once knew..Lotta Plump was her name

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Tab (tabbrown) | 5054 comments A Girl Called Al maybe?
Here's one of the older covers

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