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message 1: by Carlos (new)

Carlos Torres (catcubano) | 22 comments There are a number of "classic" Catholic books that I'm hoping to read in the coming months/years, etc., many of which were written by Saints. For example, one of the items I'd like to read is Confessions. There are a number of English translations out there and I'm not sure which one is most authentic. I'd rather not read it in the style of the 19th Century, because that style has a tendency to slow me down. I'd rather read a more contemporary, yet still authentic translation. On the fiction side, I'd love to read The Divine Comedy as well, but the same thing holds true.

Does anyone have a recommendation on which translations are best? Are there other books that I could add to my to-read shelf where you would recommend specific translations over other?


message 2: by Lisa, Group handmaid (new)

Lisa | 169 comments Mod
Oooooh, this is an interesting question! I can't think of anything right now that might be of interest, but I'm sure others will have something for you :D

message 3: by Jan-Jaap (new)

Jan-Jaap van Peperstraten | 4 comments Whenever checking out a copy of the Confessions, make sure it's not an abridged edition. Many editions leave out books X-XIII because those books have a more philosophical slant to them and for some reason editors consider these to be unsuitable for their readers.

The Penguin edition of the Pine-Coffin translation is both affordable and complete

message 4: by Jan-Jaap (new)

Jan-Jaap van Peperstraten | 4 comments Actually, the Chadwick translation may be a bit kinder on the eyes. Also, it's by far the most recent translation I`m aware off.

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