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message 1: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 Has anyone read her books? Are they any good?

Books: Jacob

message 2: by laurie (new)

laurie stith-tenney (peanunt) | 18 comments I loved them

Karen ~ Divhine (karenjs) | 36 comments I loved them. I liked the second series (Shadow Walkers), but not the Gatherers series. It may have been just the first book though and I might try #2.

message 4: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Ennis (goodreadscomyahoo_pam) | 54 comments I have read the shadow walkers series but I am not impressed with the gatherers series Much to boring.

Karen ~ Divhine (karenjs) | 36 comments Pamela - I thought so too. I also did not care for the female - she seemed to whine all the time.

message 6: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Ennis (goodreadscomyahoo_pam) | 54 comments Karen You are so right about her. I think that's what turned me off about the series. I hate whinny people.

Karen ~ Divhine (karenjs) | 36 comments I haven't decided whether I will try #2. Since I have a very large TBR pile I will probably wait for awhile.

message 8: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Ennis (goodreadscomyahoo_pam) | 54 comments I have put that series on hold for now. Maybe will try later when I really need something to read.

message 9: by Akaria (new)

Akaria Gale | 101 comments I read Jacob. Jacob was well done. Nice amount of tortured hero going on. Isabella got on my last nerve. She was a very Mary Sueish character. She discovers this prophecy that will save Jacob and his kind. She get super special powers making her extremely dangerous but no one is scared of her. Everyone adores her except the bad guy. Meh. All that aside, I liked her demons enough to put the series on my TBR list and I want to find out what happens with Gideon and Elijah.

message 10: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M (lamessegee) | 248 comments Is the Nightwalkers series UF or PNR?

message 11: by Mhollie (new)

Mhollie | 178 comments They are all PNR

message 12: by Hbeebti (new)

Hbeebti (amanda0325) I have the whole series and I really enjoyed them. There is another one coming out soon. Cant wait to see what happens next.

message 13: by Megan Riverina Romantics (last edited Jan 28, 2011 09:02PM) (new)

Megan Riverina Romantics (meganriverinaromantics) | 15 comments Lisa wrote: "Is the Nightwalkers series UF or PNR?"

ppl say that they are UF but I think of them as PNR I've only read the first of the Nightwalkers series and really liked it. The first book of hers that I read was Drink of Me and I loved it.

message 14: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M (lamessegee) | 248 comments I just finished Jacob, and I'd call it PNR. Are the rest of them more UF? I prefer PNR.

message 15: by Mhollie (last edited Jan 28, 2011 10:16PM) (new)

Mhollie | 178 comments Each book revolves around a couple getting together, so I'm sticking with PNR. Each book is a love story for that particular couple.

I loved Jacob! I just re-read Jacob & Gideon within the past month. Going to re-read more soon.

message 16: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M (lamessegee) | 248 comments Thanks, everyone! It sounds like they're all PNR. Thank goodness! And that's great news that there will be a 6th book, even if it has been delayed by 3 months (according to her Facebook page).

message 17: by Juana "Darkness" (new)

Juana "Darkness" Duran | 109 comments I've never read any of her books are they good?

message 18: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M (lamessegee) | 248 comments Her writing style is a little heavy-handed, IMO, and I had a little trouble getting started with Jacob. But once I got on a roll with it I couldn't put my Kindle down. I'm going to read the rest of the series. That's all I can speak to. All I can say is that enough people on goodreads love the Nightwalkers series that I decided to give it a try.

Anyone else want to give Juana their opinion?

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