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message 1: by Kate (last edited Jan 26, 2011 05:48AM) (new)

Kate Andrews (KakeAndrews) You, Me, and a Box of Wine

Baby, let's get drunk tonight –
you can buy me a box of cheap wine
just like old times
and before we know it your hands will be on my breasts,
we'll be the owners of heaving chests,
there will be no wondering what's next.

We'll fall into old patterns and routines.
Our movie will play out all our old scenes.
There will be no in-betweens –
just everything and nothing all at once –
all our unbridled lust
as fuck we must.

I want to feel you enter me.
I want to feel you center me.
Make me whole, set me free!
Moving as one,
I come undone,
I lose my words –
my voice goes unheard,
but, my cries are fierce,
primal, deep.
And oh, how I weep

as your hands travel across my smooth skin,
feeling your way across my firm flesh.
You hold me beneath you, pinned.
You take away my breath.
Just a glance at you
and I know not what to do
until we drown ourselves in wine
and then the answer seems so clear:

our coming together divine.
And the heartbreak we fear?
Worth all this pleasure,
every second of which I treasure.

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate Andrews (KakeAndrews) January 28, 2009

Dear Love

I took a cab home from the bar,
leaving you behind.
Little did I know
how sour
the world would turn for you that night,
how a single impulsive decision
And how you drowned yourself in booze
Would lead you to such jeapardy.

Alone and helpless,
you were forced open,
Will you ever be able to put it back together?
Is there any fix
for the ultimate violation,
for the theft of your gift?
If only I could
keep those hands from crawling all over you
again and again.

When I look into your eyes
I feel your fear,
I feel your permanent cringe.
But, dear love,
though you did nothing wrong,
I know you were soaked in booze,
that all this Is an uncertainty,
a muddled jumble of images
you can only pray to decipher.

Oh, dear love,
how I hate to be a bitch,
to preach, to become didactic,
but let this be a lesson to you:
the thing you’re in love with
doesn’t love you too.

See, the thing is,
though I can see your heart visibly breaking,
and see the shaking,
feel the aching,
I can’t be a part of this anymore.

If you were to walk through my door,
head held high,
actually looking me In the eye,
and tell me anything’s changed,
then maybe things can be rearranged.

Copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate Andrews (KakeAndrews) 1-22-09
11:49 am.

Building Castles In The Sky

Oh, don’t you just think
you’re the most silver-tongued devil that ever did live?
With all your knowledge and your big words,
the things never heard
above the roar of the babble.

You sure as hell aren’t what you seem –
you may be a punk-rock princess
in your Clash t-shirt and your torn jeans,
but what the fuck ever happened to all those big dreams?

Did you put them in a box?
One with a lock?
Did you lose the key?
Oh, you stupid girl, wherever can they be?

Goddamn, woman, get it together!
Stop acting oh-so-under-the-weather!
Don’t float away, light as a feather –
find your fucking pleasure.

Build those castles in the sky,
so we can listen to the DJ up on high,
but, whatever you do,
no more rush to die

Copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate Andrews (KakeAndrews) January 23, 2009

Everything I Ever Wanted

You gave me everything I ever wanted
Then you took it all away.
And what the fuck was I supposed to do?
Get down on my knees and pray?

You know I don’t believe in that shit –
You know it doesn’t work,
But this time I was so desperate,
I got on my knees and genuflected.
I begged and pleaded.

And where were you?
Out with one of your whores?
I’m crying the river Nile
And I know you’re not at home.

You ignore my texts.
You ignore even the simplest request.
Yes, I’m on a quest.
Give me back my Femmes CD and Morrissey T!
Yes! I already know I’m being a pest!
But you! You’re just like all the rest!

Forgive me for all this bile I spew,
But I thought you were one of the special few.
Guess I was mistaken
And now I’m left sitting here
cold, alone, breathless, shaken.

Copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate Andrews (KakeAndrews) 8-20-09
The Evil Underbelly of Awakening

There is an evil moment on awakening when all things seem to pause --
evil because in that still moment, that moment of nothingness, of
peace, of the kind of solitude that curls around your leg like a cat's tail --
comforting and cuddly,
there is no uncertainty, no anxiety, no guilt, no past or future taunting you
with their promises, broken and yet to come to fruition, or with images from your mind's eye
that you try so hard to erase, to bury, to ignore, but are never succesful at ridding yourself of.
This moment, frozen, lets you forget all these things. It tricks you, making you believe that the slate's clean
when we all know there is no such thing as a clean slate.
People never fail to remind of us
of the things we should or shouldn't have done.
And then we awake and it all rushes back into our consciousness' -- the days we've wasted
and the people we've replaced and
the things left undone,
the words that wounded like razor-sharp and finely-honed knives,
the eyes that we see in our dreams,
the regrets and wishes and unfilfilled desires,
our already burning funeral pyres,
the breaths we forget to breathe,
the seasons that never seem to leave,
lingering past their alloted time,
they drive us insane.
Yes, there is an evil moment on awakening when all things seem to pause --
when we forget the sound of our own breathless screams.

copyright 2009 Katherine Andrews

message 6: by Meagan (new)

Meagan Patterson | 17 comments I. Love. Your. Work. all of them are amazing I...I dont know what to say I love the voice in your poems its sassy and great. I enjoyed reading them thank you for sharing

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