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RP.. in the city... big city!!... no where near the town.

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message 1: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie this 'city' isnt really a city. just bigger than the town. its a gathering of houses, and small bisnuesses.. has things like wal-mart and a postal office... and a bunch of other things...
the majority of the buildings are 80's style with the brick outside and the curvy lawns and gardens.

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Deadly_pixie yawning Kyle awoke to the annoying noise of the church bells down the street. and relized he was late, extreamly late. he was expected in the church at the bells, not after. so with out much more thought Kyle got up and full sprinted to the church. and as if on cue his pet and friend Alex go up too flying next to him as he ran.
as soon as he got there a man with a long jacket stood in the way of him entering.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments Misty Hudgens sat in the large un-air condition church. Every Sunday her parents made her go. She never paid attention, instead she sat their texting, in her short shorts and tank.
But it seemed that there was something happening at the door. She slowly turned around, she caught the boys eye. He was tall. A little messy. And very hot.
Very suddenly she stood up. She walked over to this boy and poked the man in the shoulder.
"Sir, can you let my friend in, I accidently set his alarm clock wrong when we were hanging out watching a movie last night." she said winking at the new guy.

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Deadly_pixie Kyle watched shocked at the girl as she was helping him in. "Thank you Angel" he said giveing her a nickname for the few min that he was being watched. He was sweating and hopeing that the man would let him by."Oh and Anne would like to come in too" kyle nodded to the bird that was perched on his shoulder.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Oh, please sir, let my friend in," she said in her sweetest most innocent voice. A voice she rarely had to use, because her parents practically worshiped the ground she walked on. All the same it seemed to work.
"Sure little lady, your friend can come in," he said staring at her chest.
'wow even people who work in a church cant help but stare at my boobs, weirdo's' she thought to herself as her "friend" walked in behind her.

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Deadly_pixie Kyle smiled as he walked and nodded at the man. "oh thank you Miss that was very kind of you." He looked over at her but not at her chest, at her face insted. He did not need to give her a reason to be mad at him. "How can i repay you?" he asked as they walked to the solid wood benches by the Organ

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "You can come with me to this stupid play my parents are making me go to? And you could tell me your name."

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Deadly_pixie Kyle smiled. "well for starters, i am Kyle and this is my friend Anne." He put his arm up by her feet and Anne hopped onto it. bringing the large bird down and to the girl he tipped his chin. "she dosent bite. and for the play.. well do i need to dress up?" He was quite nervous seeing as she was the only person he has acctually talked to in a long time.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Well hello there Anne, and you don't need to get dressed up."

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Deadly_pixie "Oh well then i would love to escort you to the play." Kyle kissed his bird's head and let her leave him to eat. "im sorry but the suspence is killing me.. Whats your name?" Kyle rubbed his eyes still wakeing up.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Ahh, I'm Misty Hudgens. Popular girl, bored with life. Well thank you Kyle, you're quite the gentlemen. Oh and if i hadn't mentioned, its rom and jul."

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Deadly_pixie "not to be rude but i doubt i'll be watching the play" Kyle winked at Misty and held out his hand. "would you come with me? theres some things i mist do before getting to enthralled with your life story." Kyle smiled as he though about his weekly task and hoped that Miss popular would enjoy it.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments Misty giggled. 'wait... did i giggle? That wasn't even forced... what is up with this boy!?'
Misty was standing thinking for about a minute before she realized she had zoned out.
"Ha i don't have a life story, but I'll go with you."

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Deadly_pixie Kyle smiled at the giggle, it sounded like little bells ringing in his ears and took her to the elevator that was installed around the corner but was a pully so it was a difficult one to use. "im sure you must have a story of some kind Misty, even i have a story." Kyle said as he opened the double doors and held them for her.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Nah mines a typical boring life. Daddys little rich girl. Where are we going?" she said a little confused.
*BZZZT BZZZT* Mistys phone went off. A text from her parents was displayed on the screen. "Where did you go?"
"God they text like old people," Misty complained walking through the doors as she answered her text.

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Deadly_pixie "just tell them your with a friend im sure they'll understand." Kyle took hold of the pully rope once they where in and wraped it around his hand and closed the doors. "Up. We are going to the roof." Kyle grunted as he pulled the two of them up. it was was a little more difficult than usual because usally he whent alone.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "They always try to pry into my life, god. 'Friends mom, im with my friend'"

message 18: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie "Im sorry but. i dont really have a family so i cant really compare" Kyle looked away and continued to pull them up to the roof, 3floors away. after waiting a while he looked up and smiled. "Enough of mt doom and gloom, whats your family like?"

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "My moms a shop-aholic and my dads a work-aholic, I don't have any siblings so when ever my parents are out, our house seems kinda lonely."
'Wait... why am I opening up to him? I barely know this guy, maybe because he was the first person to ask?'
"And my parents aren't really around much, so it's kinda like I feel like they don't have the right to know about my life..." misty said looking down.

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Deadly_pixie Kyle nodded an took an arm out of the rope, holding it open, "Come here Misty, its alright, trust me."
he smiled even as he held the two of them up with his arm. it was getting a little difficult as they go closer to the top but it didnt really matter to Kyle, he was enjoying his sunday morning

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "You probably should continue to pull that rope, if you don't feel like dropping us anyway." Misty said giggling again.
She walked forward and grabbed hold of the rope.
"On three pull. 1, 2, 3, PULL" laughing as she hoisted them up that last way.

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Deadly_pixie Kyle dropped his arm sighing and nods. "alright" He pulled hard and used both hands, as soon at they reached the top, Kyle used the rope and wraped it around the elevator's rope stopper and nodded to the doors. "Once we go through there we will need to be fast alright?" Kyle smiled as he remembered the dozen of nests that where up on the roof and how his sweet anne had one too

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "What? Why??"

message 24: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie ".. their going to be angery if we bother them too much" Kyle smiled and started to open the first set of doors and now through the gate you could see the whole roof covered in large nests that held a mother bird in it. There where Hundreds of nests and so many diffrent species.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Shouldnt we go slow then?" Misty walked out and slowly she walked through. Happily she looked at all the beautiful colours.

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Deadly_pixie "No! we need to feed them fast we can walk slow just.."Kyle gave up after relizing that he was talking to himself and just followed her Brethless while he watched her walk through the rows"

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "These birds are beautiful!" she exclaimed quietly.
Walking up to one, she bent her head down, eye to eye with the bird, it walked forward and hopped up onto her head.
"this is so cool"

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Deadly_pixie "Y-yes.. y- i mean they. yes they are" He whispered 'Dammit i am so going to need some help' Kyle was shocked at himself that he acctually took some one up to his sanctuary expecially this stranger.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "hey" Misty said turning to him with the bird on his head, "What would you need help with?"


message 30: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie Kyle looked shocked at the girl " I-i didnt say anything" Kyle wat flustered and didnt know what to do but watch the little bird on her head chirp

message 31: by Mishiru_Bruin (new)

Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Oh uh you didnt... okay nevermind then..." she said blowing her cover

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Deadly_pixie Kyle wasnt sure what was up with the girl but it deffinatly was something diffrent. "So any way could you put Krys back? we need to get the food" Kyle walked past Misty and whent to the caged box in the center of the roof and used the code to open it.

message 33: by Mishiru_Bruin (last edited Jan 29, 2011 03:05PM) (new)

Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments Misty followed. The bird didn't wanna get off.
"I don't think Krys wants to. I think he likes it up there." Misty said smiling as she followed Kyle,"Can I help feed them?"

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments ((.... I questions where the love comes in here?))

message 35: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 28, 2011 12:21PM) (new)

((oh youll see dont worry lol started anew))

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Darius appeared out of a swirling red mist then looked around "hmmm........lets see....what to do?"

message 37: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie "Sure.." Kyle smiles and waves her over. "We need to hurry. " Kyle pulls out a hand full of feed and throws it around

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Why the rush?" Misty said confused.
The little bird atop her head jumped off and began to eat.

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Deadly_pixie Kyle shrugged "Church is almost over and i need to eat still" He rubbed his stomach and smiled.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Where do you want to go then?" Misty hoped he wouldn't deny her going with. For some reason this boy was special.

message 41: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie Kyle shook his head "Free food downstairs" He muttered and feeding the other carnavor birds the dead small animals.

message 42: by Mishiru_Bruin (new)

Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "Oh, well do you want to meet up here around 7 then for the play?" she asked disapointed

message 43: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie Kyle smiled and shook his head with a simple "No not really" Kyle patted the head of Anne's mate's head as he fed him

message 44: by Mishiru_Bruin (new)

Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "So your not going then, I understand, well i should get going..." she walked over to the edge of the church, Slowly working out a way down without looking like a freak and just jumping.

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Deadly_pixie "HEY! i WAS GOING TO ASK YOU.." Kyle sighed and hopped down the building with ease "I wanted to invite you to dinner." Kyle smiled and took her hand gently.

message 46: by Mishiru_Bruin (new)

Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments The two stood on a window ledge.
"You were?" she said looking into his eyes.

message 47: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie Kyle nodded carefully "Yes I was Misty" Kyle looked away to carefully cover up his blush

message 48: by Mishiru_Bruin (new)

Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments "When then," she continued to look at him. For the first time, she cared what a boy thought of her. She didn't want to hurt him, ever.

message 49: by Deadly_pixie (new)

Deadly_pixie Kyle smiled and took her hand "let us go for dinner" He was excited that she hadn't said no,she was far above the beauty of any other women that he has met since meeting anne, mind you, anne was a bird.

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments Jenna turned around and backed off the ledge, just before she jumped she turned her head around to him and said, "Lets get off... together, 3.2.1.jump"
The two jumped, but as they reached the ground it was much slower than what normal people would have gotten down to. They weren't normal.
"Where would you like to take me Kyle?" she asked staring straight into his eyes.

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