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Name: Kokoro Flandre

Age: 17

Gender: Female

*applauds for lazynessess*

A very bubbly, lively girl. Kokoro loves anything that involves animals, music or art, but hates on anything that doesn't listen to what she believes. Normally if she says something that offends her, she'll giggle, than give you the finger. Hates being made fun of for her hieght. Enjoys hitting people(especially Jay) over the head with her fans. A tad on tE bipolar side, she can go from singing songs about love and happiness and whatnot while giggling, to an extreme rampage of pure rage and destruction. Is proficient in French, English, and Japanese. Will occasionally smoke a few cigarettes, but shes not "addicted"


History: Well, her dad was probably the highlight of her life. They went out and played, he took her shopping, he even let her do his makeup once. Her mom was always rude to her father, and when Kokoro was eight, her father died suddenly. Even though she was young, Kokoro still had her suspicions about how he really died. Life after that was emotionally rough. This was the time when she developed her rage side, from constant fights with her mother. One day she met Jay, and started to hang out with him a lot. When her mother figured out her daughter was friends with a weapon. Soon, in a series of fights with Kokoro, She kicked her daughter out of her house.

Weapon: Jay

Crush: ...

Relatives: ...


Lol...look at zis CRAP

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Meadow ~ (lunahexmoon) | 2 comments Name:Alice



Appearance:long dark red hair and metalic blue eyes

Personality:Crazy, spontaneous but can be serious when she wants to be

History:she cant remember

Weapon:doesnt have one

Crush:doesnt have one

Relatives:cant remember


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Juliet | 369 comments Mod
Name: Nathaniel (Nathan for short)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

He has brown hair and brown eyes, and usually looks worn out.

Personality: Nathan would rather talk in a formal manner than with slang, and is sometimes very stubborn. He's very serious with wanting to be a Meister, but is still mischievous and curious most of the time.

History: He was a pickpocket for as long as he can remember, and still has the old habit to steal. His family has moved away a long time ago, but he had stayed behind to attend the DWMA.

Weapon: Raven

Crush: Open

Relatives: They live far sister, two parents.

Other: He wants to find someone of whom he can trust dearly, almost with his life, even.

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Blood Bone and Muscle Name: Salmonel Delset (nel, al)
Age: 14
Gender: male
Looks: Blue eyes rimmed from the lack of sleep and dark green hair. Salmonel is lanky and wears a permanent annoyed expression, with glaring eyes.
Personality: Is slightly psychotic and has a swaying sanity. Nel doesn't like speaking about himself and has a hard time coping in a school full of teenagers, as he doesn't see himself as one. He looks down on those who hurt him and brushes it off like their the ones who need help. His mother was a Kachin, emotionally scaring him because she died at the hands of Lord Death. Is up tight for a reason and he won't let Death forget it.
Type of Meister: Wields close range weapons, including the flail, the mace, morning star, war scythe, dragon beard hook, etc . . Enjoys those weapons who pierce the skin of his victims. Is agile with weapons that bring such entertainment.
Weapon: Nobody yet
Crush?: Ditto, look up
Other: Has never eaten a human soul, but is having nightmares about it were he wishes he could. Salmonel works hard and gives his best, in case he'll ever really need the training against them (his class mates). He does well in the kitchen for the reason that it's the farthest away from everything he knows (makes killer pomegranate angel cake). Doesn't hesitate for the last strike, and especially won't help but smile when he stabs you in the back.

((I never got to use him...))

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 79 comments Name: Jesse Arum-Drakos Andrews

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Short, Spikey silver hair. Greyish/Green eyes, always wears a collared shirt with black pants or jeans with black airwalks. He's 6' 3", and usually has a black button-down vest over his white shirt.

Personality: Jesse a gentleman who knows his manners, but while acting casual, he is a very laid-back person, and his soul's wave-length can be easily matched by almost any weapon. He's serious about his work, and was trained by his parents, who were both Meisters, to be the best he can be. He has a gentlemanly aura and mannerism, unless around close friends, but will never become very rowdy. However, he still knows how to have a good time. He is also an experimental biologist and scientist, and co-works with Stein occasionally. He's rather cheerful and isn't easily put down, as well as being fluid with words and shaping information to his advantage. He enjoys the company of others, and likes doing his best, even if he doesn't get the result he wanted. He somehow always manages to make the situation look up, no matter what it is, and likes cheering other people up. He'll disregard his own health if he seems someone that's hurt, no matter if it's someone he doesn't know, or even a witch. His loyalties and beliefs are firmly rooted and are hard to shake, so don't try to change his mind when he's made it up.

History: Unknown. He carefully avoids this topic, and usually doesn't give away too much information. But, it can be pieced together at one point or another; when he's given you enough slivers of information.

Weapon: Bluebell Carter

Crush: He prefers to stay single. However, if he takes a liking to someone, you know that they're worth his time...~

Relatives: Like his history, he avoids talking about his past in general. He's only ever said that he had a sister, but shows mild distaste whenever he mentions her.

Other: Can usually be found reading a book, or playing chess.
Though he keeps on the down low, he has already successfully made 2 Death Scythes; one when he was 13, the other just recently, on the day of his 17th birthday.

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Name: Riyoku Zozoru

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Riyoku is a tall lanky boy with dull red eyes and purple hair. He wears a short sleeved shirt with the logo Godsmack on it, and his shirt is covered by a black jacket. Riyoku wears black jeans and goes around barefoot. He wears a bandage over his left ankle, for his Star Clan tattoo is underneath.

Personality: Riyoku is one of the great assassin clan, the Star Clan. He is an amazing assassin, and can stalk his target, even in the smallest of allies. Unfortunately Riyoku is not good with other people and can seem antisocial and different. He is ashamed to be a part of the Star Clan, and strives to redeem himself, where his clan could not. He will avoid people at all cost and usually sticks to the shadows.

History: Riyoku was born in the Star Clan before they were killed by Lord Death. He was only two years old when the came to detroy the evil Star Clan and so, since he had not caused any harm and it would be unfair to kill an innocent child, they took him in and raised him to become a great mister. The only one who knows he's of the Star Clan is Lord Death. He has almost no friends, or as little as he can possibly have, and hangs around the shadows. He is now one of the greatest misters, and has been asked to be the mister to many weapons, because he turned down every one. He will only take a weapon that is two blades(no hilt, just a curved metal blade) that he holds onto (they make his hands bleed) and uses like a boomerang. This seem to be important to him because this was the weapon his father gave him to use. This is the best memory of the Star Clan he has. All the rest of his memories are about his father telling him to seek power. Riyoku name is actually Red Star, but when he came to the DWMA, he changed it, due to the fact that he didn't want to remember.

Weapon: Clementine Shay

Crush: open

Relatives: dead

Other: his first weapon was a girl (her weapon was shuriken) who he turned into a death scythe. She left the DWMA and would now be about 20. Riyoku can't use soul perception, but instead has heightened senses, and can use his soul wavelength as a weapon itself.

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Name : Glacia Paige Cooper (Goes by Paige due to bullying when younger)
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Disabilities :
Paige has Narcolepsy- a disease that causes her to spontaneously fall asleep at the most random of moments, ever 3-4 hours. She also is vain and self-centered, perfecting ice cold facade.
Persona :
Glacia Paige Cooper, the Sleeping Ice Queen. She's always been called that. And, of course, she's accepted it, because ever time she's called the Ice Queen; she knows she's tricked one more person. Because, truthfully, she isn't as cold as she is perceived. She strives for friends, for respect. Her vanity feeds into this, making her want, making her seethe with anger. She wears this cursed vanity like a badge of honor, flaunting this, boasting that. Paige is, of course, the Sleeping Ice Queen, waiting to be awakened to her full, dreary power with someone who loves her as much as she loves herself. She wants to adored and get her wishes and dreams fulfilled, just like anyone else. Truthfully, she isn't as vain as we think- she just wants what we all want more.
Appearance :

Her frost-purple eyes have a silent intelligence, nearly matching her icy act. Glacia has a fragile bone structure that she uses for winning people over- everyone loves being the hero, no? Short, blonde bangs fall into her face, giving her a more innocent appearance than it should.
To most people, her past is unknown. She prefers to keep it that way. But, when she's feeling 'generous' she may leak a bit of her background information. Glacia came from a familt of three, but she never knew the people to be her parents. Early on in her young life, she was sent to live with he Uncle- a priest stationed in a small British town. 5 years back, he was moved into a dirty New York slum area, and was most prominently murdered, and then she lived on her own for a year, until she ended up here.
(All Deceased.)
Mother: Laura Angelis-Cooper; 31
Father: Ryan Cooper; 34
Uncle: Abbot Charles Cooper; 47
Crush: Oh, she has one all right, but she's not willing enought to tell.
Enimies: Everyone who gets in the Ice Queen's way, of course.
~If people do not open doors for her, she'll get enraged

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Name: Miki Kichida

Age: 18 (Legal Adult Bitches XD)

Gender: Male


Miki is often labeled "Feminine", an he doesn't mind . He does not play any sports, but he goes walking, and likes dying his hair different colors. He is nice to everyone, and laughs easily. A tad on the naïve side, he is somewhat innocent, though he will understand "69" and "That's what she said" jokes. That doesn't mean he approves of them, or thinks they are funny. He curses all the time though. Apparently too much, according to previous boyfriends and current friends. He loves the color purple, and fishnets, and loves to look at fire, which makes people think he is a bit of a pyro.

History: Average everything. Great family life, a few brothers and sisters, nice house, everything should have been perfect and worked out. The only problem? At age 12, Miki had already figured out he wasn't attracted to girls, which was fine with him, except one problem. Namely, his father. His father was a bad-shit crazy priest that believed all gays should be burned on the stake, which bothered Miki too much to bring up his sexuality to his family. Not to mention the fact he was a secret Agnostic. When he finally told his dad he was gay at age 16, his father kicked him out of the house saying something about how he would not allow the devil in his house. So Miki made his was to DWMA, got a job, rented an apartment, and so the present happened.

Weapon: Finn

Crush: None

Relatives: Never bring them up.

Other: If you haven't picked it up yet, Miki is Gay. Deal with it, homophobes.

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☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) Name: Jaini Swanda

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Personality: She's always to the point and doesn't like messing around when she's collecting souls. When she's at the academy, though, she lets down her guard to anyone who can make her smile.

History: Her mom and dad both excelled as Miesters from the academy. Her brother is at the academy as well, working to be a better Miester than their parents and continue to be a teacher.

Weapon: Yame (Baton Blade)

Crush: None yet

Relatives: Her parents (Mom- Osuchi Swanda, Dad- Leon Swanda) and her older brother (Tocu Swanda). ((If anyone wants, they can make Tocu.))

Other: ...

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☻ ☻ Sister Grimm ☻ ☻ wrote: "Name: Jaini

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Personality: She's always to the point and doesn't like messing around when she's collecting souls. When she's at the academy, though, she lets d..."

I'll make him

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Name: Tocu Swanda

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tocu used to have purple hair, like his sister, but since he was made fun of for it, he dyed it grey. Tocu can be seen wearing a red peicer of cloth around his forehead, and he also has a red scarf. Tocu's eyes are purple, and his hair reaches down to about his neck. He wears a solid red shirt and large shorts, that end at around his knees.

Personality: Tocu is a nice, fun-loving person. He is a little bit annoying, a little crazy, very loudmouthed, but hey, it makes him all the more lovable. Tocu is very good at complimenting people, though he is very bad at it when he is around a girl he likes. He usually get his younger sister to talk to her for him, showing a softer, quieter, and more shy side of him. He usually likes to keep this part covered up an away from people, leading to him being extremely loud and always trying to make people laugh. He tries to be a people pleaser, but since the weapon he had died a few moths ago, he has become more lonely and less fun.

History: Tocu is an extremely talented mister, with a very high soul perception. He has a lot to live up to, seeing as his parent were also miesters, the best in their year. Tocu had a weapon, almost a death scythe when she died, two years ago. They were an amazing team, and had gotten all 99 souls within two months, a new record, and the souls were of afreets very close to becoming keshian, some of the hardest to beat. They were an unstoppable team- or so they believed. Until they went to face their witch. Unknown to them, the witch they had found, the first one they saw, was very cunning and had already killed several miester and weapon pairs. They went up against the witch, and both almost died. However, at the last second, Tocu's weapon went back into her human form, and blocked a shot, one that probably would have killed Tocu. She was fatally wounded, and she told Tocu to run. He grabbed her and ran for his life. He appeared at the DWMA's steps, a bloody partner in his arms. She died the next day in the infirmary. Tocu suffered trauma, and was always seeing nightmares of his partners final decision when he slept. He would wake up screaming and sweating, usually on the verge of tears. Now Tocu is out for revenge, and will kill the witch who killed his partner.

Weapon: open

Crush: Paige

Relatives: Mom- Osuchi Swanda, age 42
Dad- Leon Swanda, age 43
Sister- Jaini Swanda, age 15

Other: When he was a kid he was made fun of because his hair was purple, a girly color, so he dyed it grey.

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Personality:soft hearted, kind, shy

History:parents were killed





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Itsasecret;p | 2 comments Name:Riku



Appearance:He has messy blonde hair, green eyes, and tan-ish skin. He has three piercings on each ear. He dresses a bit punkish.

Personality: He is a big flirt. He flits with girls a lot, which makes it hard to tell when you actually mean something to him( Maybe thats why he doesn't have a weapon yett?) In reality, besides being a flirt he really is a sweet guy. That's pretty much all people know about him, the thing is deep inside he holds a secret.

History: He was the youngest of 7 brothers. He watched as all his brothers grew up and finished college and made his parents proud. He was resented quite a bit in his family though, because of his different way of thinking. He was so open-minded and down to earth..nothing like the rest of his family. Just resentlyhe left home and came to the DWMA in hope of a better life.


Crush:Like I said, he is a bit of a flirt so finding out who he is serious about is rater difficult, Im sure it could happen though.

Relatives:Father, Mother, 7 brothers, all in his past. None of them matter now

Other: He does have a knack for playing guitar..not sure where he picked that up..

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MollyRena Name:John





History:dont ask or...well find out



Relatives:none yet

Other: nop

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Oh my gosh, do I have my work cut out for me.
So, hi new members, I'm the friendly godawfully picky mod.
I'd just like love it it you make your charrie sheets longer,with more decptions and with full sentences.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Honoka Mitarashi

Age: roughly 13, she's not sure.

Gender: Female, last time she checked.

Appearance: She got a round, andgular face, and long, layered blonde hair. Her eyes are fairly narrow and change color depending on her mood (thanks to her clan) She's not to slim, about what she's supposed to be, and not what a pin-up looks like. Her feet (in her opinion) are gorgeous because they're flawless, even though she goes around bare-foot. She wears a half-hoodie that ends just below her bust, but she has a black tank-top underneath and some loose fish net under too. He rpants are mor elike trousers that came at her knee and when she IS wearing shoes, they're full-out combat boots. Her signiture item is a pair of headphones which connect to a music players that is implanted on teh back of one of her shoulders.

She had several tatoos on her ,thighs (tribal) and three peircing in her left ear, but only one in her right
Personality: She's very pessimictic, yet very up beat. Still, sarcasm rings true in her voice but she can be dead serious when it calls for it. She's easily upset and is extremely self-aware. She's also brutal on teh outside, but the slightest hint of a negitive comment about herself tears her apart, that's how low a self-esteem she has.

History: Honoka is from a clan. Her clan kicke dher out as a child because of a few reaons.

I'll explain how her clan works.
1) Remember how I said she had a music player inplanted in her body? Well, where she's from, it's called a soulplayer. It called this because it conves messages, moods, advice, anything someone could give you verbally, through song, to her person.
2) Everyone has an individual song, a theme.
3) Some people can use their soulplayer as a wepon by focusing energy, and echoing sound through themselves and singing. It makes stuff blow up, move around, really anything, in cluding hypnosis.
4) Honoka was kicked out for three reasons.
-1) Her song was bizzare, and no one had heard the like of it.
-2) She was very dangerous, yet very worthless as a child
-3) She failed to complete the redemption ritual.

Weapon: LOOKING!


Relatives: Her mother and father, and older twin brothers who still live in the village.

Other: In the palms on her hands, under neath the skin, there are two speakers, this is how Honoka projects her sound. She also has a pet black Ferret named Maru because his eyes are very round. She's also extremely gifted in the artistic area. Art, music, singing, dancing, writing... but no math.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Crush: His love of fighting


:3 wicked.....

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DestinysMaster | 229 comments Can yami be his weapon....even though she isn't exactly halo

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DestinysMaster | 229 comments Yay....I highly disapprove of guns....exept for the Thomson sisters, their kick ass

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DestinysMaster | 229 comments Go agent Maine!

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DestinysMaster | 229 comments V_V woohoo.......

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Name: vanilla

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: Gothic, nice, quiet

History: unknown

Weapons: Angel, Mittens

Crush: none

Relatives: Tiger, Mittens, Angel


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Jessica **ジェシカ* | 3 comments Name: Alvina James. She prefers Alvin, though...

Age: 14, almost 15

Gender: Female


Personality: She's hardcore and tomboyish. She loves her skateboard and music is her life! She tends to go overboard but when you get to know her, she's really sweet and caring. She would give her life for her friends and just want people to loosen up and have fun. She's a non-conformist and a sort of rebel. She doesn't like it when people try to bring her down and will not hesitate to kick butt every now and then. She's stubborn, moody at times, and has a short temper.

History: She was abused, but doesn't show any emotional pain and hides the scars on her legs and back for the sake of the people around her. She found out she was a meister and escaped, traveling to Death City. Even though it's been a while, no weapon can match her soul wavelength.

Weapon: Doesn't have one.

Crush: uhhh...later!

Relatives: Her older sister, who hates her. She'll make an appearance later...

Other: Because she doesn't have a weapon, she had to learn to protect herself, right? After a lot of training, she's learned martial arts and tae kwan do. She can shoot out a weak soul wavelength but it's just enough to stun an enemy for a few seconds. She also has Soul Perception...

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Name: Roka Kina but is always called Precision

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance: lower back length honey brown hair, bright blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, always wears a blue hoody over a grey tee shirt, faded blue jeans and black and blue converses.

Personality: She has a slight neat freak ocd, is tough and very straight forward

History: Her parents died myseriously when she was four and her brother was seven. Ever since the two have been moving around the world trying to survive.

Weapon: Her brother Hikano Kina though he goes by Sword because he turns into a sword

Crush: might be crushing on Kidd but doesn't know

Relatives: all dead except her brother Sword

Other: she is extremely precise when fighting

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Name: Roka Kina but is called Precision

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance: long lower back length honey brown hair, bright blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, wears a blue hoody grey tee, and faded jeans with blue and black converses

Personality: slight neat freak ocd, strong and persistant, can have fun, but is always in charge

History: her parents died when she and her older brother were young. She was only four and eversince the two have been on their own trying to survive.

Weapon: her brother turns into a Sword

Crush: Might have one on Kidd but is trying to forget about it

Relatives: her brother Hinoku Kina but is called Sword 'cause he turns into a sword

Other: She has extreme precision when fighting

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LostThoughts | 2 comments Itsasecret;p wrote: "Name:Riku



Appearance:He has messy blonde hair, green eyes, and tan-ish skin. He has three piercings on each ear. He dresses a bit punkish.

Personality: He is a big flirt. H..."

Would you like to be partners??

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Zeara Name: Ran Amano(Amano Ran, proper Japanese)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ran is a lean 5’8. She loves black clothes. She always wears her black combat boots, black jeans, black shirt, and a black leather jacket.

Personality: She has no trouble telling people what is on her mind, and this particular trait has gotten her into a lot of fights. She is very matter of fact and keeps a cool head during a fight. She has had a rough past, and more than one traumatic experience. Ran’s life has taught her to watch out for herself, and only herself. Everyone else comes second. Survival is her number one priority.

History: Ran grew up as an orphan on the streets. Life was hard and there were a lot of cold nights, and she rarely got a decent meal; more often than not she went hungry. When Ran was fourteen she joined a gang, mostly for the food and warm beds. She killed a man when she was 16. He had been trying to strangle her, angry about something the gang had done, and she had stabbed him. The action was purely in self-defense, but she never forgot that moment. There were a lot of nights she woke up, sweating, and with the smell of his blood in her nose. Finally she couldn’t take staying with the gang and dealing with all the crap that came with it, and decided she would head for Death City and see if the DWMA would accept her.

Weapon: None yet.

Crush: She’d rather poke her own eye out than have a boyfriend.

Relatives: She was an orphan and has no memories of her parents or any other sort of family. Every now and then she has dreams about the family she might have had, but by morning their faces of nothing but blurry memories.

Other: Ran is obsessed with ferrets. She loves them.

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Name: Alex Xanda

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Personality: tbrp'd (to be Role payed)

History: Nothing relly interesting

Weapon: Doesnt Have one yet

Crush: None yet

Relatives: N/a

Other: N/a

Soul Stealing~ Come and Play on the Dark Side ginger | 9 comments Name: Jennifer Mustang
Age: 18
Gender: female
Personality: she is a total flirt an loves to mess around.
History: she grew up alone having to deal with people hating her, being jealous of her, and people picking on her. One day she finally snapped an her weapon side showed as she ran out offhe room never to be seen again.
Weapon: she is both a meister and a weapon.
Crush: none
Relatives: nine that she knows of
Other: she always wears a golden locket around her neck that she stole from the place she had called home as a child.

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Alexis Uchiha (lovesitachiuchiha) | 1 comments Name Kyle Tagunshi
age 17
Appearance looks like death the kids a little but his stripes are red
personality he loves to be around people
History he in a life where people around him had started to be mean to him and he is abanoded by his real family
weapon shuriken
crush Maka Alburn
other is the step - brother of crona

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