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message 1: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
I encounter this problem every time I write about werewolves, and I'm never quite satisfied with the multiple ways people broach the issue. Werewolves... what happens to their clothes?

Some people make the clothes all tattered but they stay, only ripping a bit, but still functional. My werewolves turn into quadrupeds, so this option is out. Plus, I think werewolves look stupid in clothes.

Another explanation: they carry the clothes around. Well, I guess that's at least feasible, but it looks a bit ridiculous to have werewolves carrying packsacks with a change of clothes in it. Plus, if you need to transform quick on the fly, you're not likely to have the spare moment to strip, pack a bag, and off you go.

Or, the most obvious: there is no solution, whenever they transform back into a human they're stark naked. Considering my story takes place in a 'city' of mostly werewolves, it COULD be that they just lose their modesty after doing this so often, but I can't imagine it wouldn't be awkward at ALL. I mean, for potential couples, this could be extremely embarrassing or just simplify matters, but overall just doesn't fly for me. Could present some interesting scenes of awkwardness though.

The last solution I've come across is maybe the most convenient but the least satisfying... Magic. The clothes just vanish when they transform and reappear when they go back to human form. For RPs I've used this because of the convenience, but I imagine as a reader of a book I'd see this as lazy...

What solutions do you prefer or do you have some of your own? Why? Are any of these solutions the type to make you want to heave the book across the room in disgust? Please share, I'm at a loss 8(

message 2: by DJ (last edited Jan 25, 2011 10:33AM) (new)

DJ | 2 comments My solution actually comes from a few stories I've read that involve werewolves, so I know what you're talking about! They remove their clothes, hide them in a place that they can find easily (Such as tied up in an alley-way or in a clearing up in a tree) and then they do their thing. They come back the next day, grab their clothes, and no one's any the wiser about what happened.

Also: 'A wizard did it' explanations make me throw books across the room, set them on fire and never speak of them again, unless the book is /heavy/ with magic. Like... dragons doing ancient rituals or Mer-fucking-lin is involved.

message 3: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
That solution works well for werewolves who plan their transformations. My werewolves tend to transform in moments of intense emotion, while also having one Phase of the moon where they are forced to transform (their Phase is somewhat decided by their personality, in a general sense...). They're not typical werewolves by any stretch but I want to at least make them seem, er... realistic... that's the wrong word to use.

Yeah, I feel like the 'they're naked unless they plan to transform and calmly strip beforehand' rule seems the only one that doesn't make me fit. The magic one only works for me if the whole transformation is really a big magical illusion and the werewolves aren't in fact cursed... I buy it with the animagi in Harry Potter because they are wizards, but werewolves are a different beast...

message 4: by DJ (new)

DJ | 2 comments For such a thing, it's really best to just go with the tattered clothing route or, if they have enough time to get outside to an alleyway or something similar to shuck their clothing as quick as they can. Other than that, it's really up to how ya wanna take it!

message 5: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
As I think about it... the naked route does have some comedic potential too... werewolves who have to deliver a very important message and run across the city to make it, only to have to disguise their privates behind dinner plates or whatever available obstruction is at hand so they can deliver said message of utmost urgency with SOME semblance of dignity... I'd find that funny... And I want some comedy for this story. It's a fairly dark story so comedy is needed. XP

message 6: by Not_Tomato_Soup (last edited Jan 25, 2011 11:17AM) (new)

Not_Tomato_Soup | 33 comments This issue comes up several times in my novel, which I've recently completed. There's different ways I handle the issue. Take in mind that my story is set in a very modern and human society where the werewolves try to blend, which seems a bit bit different than your city of werewolves.

If an experienced werewolf is planning a transformation, or is aware he/she will transform regardless (ie, full moon), they might have locations where they have extra sets of clothes stashed. One character of mine had clothes in the trunk of his car, which he'd hide away during his runs. Another kept a large suitcase full of supplies in an area where she enjoyed hunting, for the next morning when she woke up and headed home.

(With this above explanation, the werewolf would probably go out of the way, strip, and come back to the rest, fully furred, and therefor not TOTALLY nekkid. Unless the werewolf isn't really modest and would rather strip down in front of all)

Now, if the transformation for an experienced werewolf somehow comes about very suddenly (ie: a sudden fight), then there are a few awkward moments after the fact where they're looking for clothes. But a seasoned wolf usually keeps several sets of spare clothes nearby. They'd plan for these things in the same way we would plan to bring a towel to the beach.

Now, for the inexperienced or new werewolf, he or she usually depends on older werewolves to cover for them, no pun intended. But then this raises the question, how prepared were they taught to be growing up? The main character in my story had no idea werewolves existed. Naturally, he's not going to be prepared for his outbursts. This leads to some awkward waiting while someone gets clothes for him or slipping into a set of clothes a couple sizes too small or large.

But let's say we have a newly transformed werewolf who was raised in a wolf family. Well, they might just carry around more sets of clothes than usual, and probably something much cheaper. Second hand clothing and cheap tennis shoes, or even sandals, work best when a werewolf is trying to gain control of his or her abilities.

Plus, it's a lot cheaper. With these three scenarios, clothes would be more or less ruined. Unless the werewolf is really small, which actually is the case with one of my characters. ^_^

Long comment is long, but I've spent 3 and a half years in my werewolf story before bringing it to a close. So I know just about all the mannerisms and habits of my characters inside and out. X3 I hope this helps!

message 7: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
Lol, thanks, it does! I think I'm going with the 'if they transform in clothes, they're naked' scenario, which means some werewolves will prepare for this, others may not know any better. My 'city' is not so much a city as a quarantine zone - in this setting werewolves are being treated as a pandemic (and for some very good reasons). The quarantine zones are inhumane though, and the oppression pretty nasty. So it's a very different setting. However, I think my characters will all behave differently... some of them may have no modesty and don't care that they're naked, some may have retained their modesty and prepare with clothes on hand for transformations, and others might get a nasty surprise the first few times... this actually fits nicely with how I describe the werewolves too, since some of them begin to identify more as a 'wolf' and less as a 'man' and those people would be less likely to be ashamed of nakedness, while the others who retain a lot of their human habits would prefer their junk remain hidden. It works for me XP

Not_Tomato_Soup | 33 comments Alanna wrote: "Lol, thanks, it does! I think I'm going with the 'if they transform in clothes, they're naked' scenario, which means some werewolves will prepare for this, others may not know any better. My 'city'..."

I was glad I could help! And you're story sounds very interesting, particularly the part about werewolves trying to retain their humanity. With my little story, there's a species of wolves who once suddenly lost their ability to transform back into humans. Realizing this, they tend to spend more time doing human things. Wearing clothes, living in actual houses, using tools, ect, rather than the average wolf who can return to human society at any time, so spends their wolfy times more feral. ^_^

Maybe we can do a story swap sometime? I'm pretty much done with mine, but I'd always love to get more feedback on it. Plus, I love reading about other people's version of werewolves! *flails*

message 9: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
Sure! Sounds interesting. Ours are probably very very different, which is why I love werewolves... different people interpret them differently. I also have werewolves who aren't capable of transforming back into a human, but they are very different from your own in that they have basically forfeited their humanity entirely. In the story, people are not sure if the Ferine (that's what they're called) are a disease or if it's something else entirely, but they're 'feral' cannibals who infest some of the less populated outskirts of Sector IX, preying on weak strays and rogues. If they run out of food, they eat each other.
They're the first thing my main character encounters when he enters Sector IX... he's not thrilled about it.

ATM I haven't finished writing it, I'm still plotting it. I wrote the beginning but I want to rewrite it. First person perspective isn't working, I think I'm going to try third.

message 10: by Not_Tomato_Soup (last edited Jan 25, 2011 11:40AM) (new)

Not_Tomato_Soup | 33 comments Alanna wrote: "ATM I haven't finished writing it, I'm still plotting it. I wrote the beginning but I want to rewrite it. First person perspective isn't working, I think I'm going to try third."

Oh darn. I adore first person. Third person is nice too though, or better, fourth person. Basically this is where you consider your third person narrator a separate character in the way he/she speaks and describes things. It can be very fun!

Anyhow, I'd love to read whatever you have, or at least what you feel comfortable showing off. Likewise, I'm willing to share what I have. But if at any time you need advice of some sorts, feel free to message or email me. I love writing and giving advice! >83

message 11: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
I think my problem with first person is that it's harder for me to convey who my main character is when I'm talking through his head. They feel like a puppet. I need to write him in third person a bit before writing first person. ATM it's too new to really show much of it, especially since I plan on rewriting a lot of the opening scene and ALL of the scenes following... ah, this is why I need to plan things out >_< If you ever want to send a bit of yours to me though, go ahead :) There's a 'writing workshop' board here too that you could post it under if you want feedback.

message 12: by Not_Tomato_Soup (new)

Not_Tomato_Soup | 33 comments Ok! I may email you some time later today, or tomorrow.

And don't worry about planning things out too much, I know how frustrating it can be to run with no direction. But I've found that the best way to finish something is to JUMP IN and scramble in the general direction of you final goal, the ending.

message 13: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
I used to do that, but lately I've been finding that if I do a lot more brainstorming, plotting and character development beforehand, either by writing little drabbles or bouncing ideas back and forth like I'm doing now, it helps me in the long wrong because I have a much better idea of what I want the story to mean in the end. I used to be of the 'nanowrimo' philosophy. Actually, I began writing this story FOR Nanowrimo but decided against finishing. I end up trashing all my nanowrimo manuscripts because they just miss the mark entirely.

message 14: by Not_Tomato_Soup (new)

Not_Tomato_Soup | 33 comments I understand that. I guess running around can only work so far. Ever tried creating an idea web/timeline kind of thing? I found it's really convenient to have most, if not all, major plot points panned out before hand, and then connect them as I go. Of course, major plot points tend to change often, but it's a really neat technique. ^^

message 15: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
That's pretty much exactly what I'm doing. I've been using this program called Scrivener, which has a cork board, and when I get an idea I can post a card with a synopsis of that idea, and if already my head is writing that idea in narrative form, I start writing it right away. Sometimes it gets disjointed and sometimes I have to move points around on the timeline, but it helps a lot.

message 16: by Not_Tomato_Soup (new)

Not_Tomato_Soup | 33 comments Oooo. That sounds like a neat program. I'm going to look that up real fast. :3

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Scrivener is pretty awesome, but the functional version only comes for Mac users. If you're a Windows user like me, you have to settle with updating the 'beta' every couple of weeks. It's not so bad, but it's still a bit of a pain in the side.

Oh! Seeing as Modesty, as an issue, is really only a problem for humanoid shaped things...I normally find it a lot better to deal with weres just being naked. And honestly, until you mentioned it, I never even bothered to think about it.

message 18: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
I have a Mac, so it's functional for me >_< It only just came out with a beta for Windows I believe, so I'm sure it's full of problems...

I think the opportunity for humour alone makes the nudity thing a good option XD

message 19: by Manuela (new)

Manuela | 2 comments Ummm.... I know I'm super late to this and might have missed something in the comments... but if your werewolves live in an environment/city of JUST werewolves, why aren't there periodically spread out locations that just have clothes available for abrupt transformations? Kind of like a clothes bank for those who were unprepared? I mean there's still a moment of "oh shit, now I'm naked in front of people" but if it happens to everyone they can just pick up crucial items in a kind of 'loan it out' style thing..

Wow this makes so little sense. My point is just that in situations where werewolves are rare and mixed in with Humans, the abrupt nudity or stashing their own clothes makes sense; but then if everyone is a werewolf, they need to come up with a system together right?

Am I missing something obvious here? *headdesk* I'm sorry if this is stupid. I am le tired.

message 20: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
I think the only issue with that is that the Sector's are horribly impoverished and probably don't have excess clothes to spare. Come to think of it, they probably covet their clothes, since they're given a single pair upon entering the Sector and the rest of their personal effects or things are confiscated. Overall the citizens are probably more concerned with issues of starvation than nudity XD
Maybe they all just wander about in ponchos... Easy to make one, just cut a hole in a table cloth, and easy to remove or stash somewhere or even wear as a wolf (though it'd still look ridiculous).

message 21: by Not_Tomato_Soup (last edited Jan 26, 2011 12:37PM) (new)

Not_Tomato_Soup | 33 comments Oh wow. Now I have a question.

When in werewolf form, just how "nude" are they? In my story, for the sake of making it young-adult acceptable, everything is covered in fur. Only when things get "frisky" do finer bits of anatomy become visible. (Of course, this never really happens in the story. It's just explained through dialogue.)

Does this seem hokey? How has everyone else addressed this issue? o3o

message 22: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
As wolves mine are covered in fur. They are quadruped wolves, just a lot larger and built more like Prehistoric dire wolves than the ones we see today. They have a more anthropomorphic form (similar to how Goldenwolf draws her wolves, if you're familiar with her art), but that one only happens when they're pissed the fuck off XP They call it 'Fireblooded' because of the sensations they feel. It's sort of how I linked them to the savage 'monster' of myths - they ARE like that sometimes, and not very capable of controlling themselves, but only when they're really angry or afraid. In any case, there's no genitalia showing or anything like that while they're in wolf form.

message 23: by Not_Tomato_Soup (new)

Not_Tomato_Soup | 33 comments Good. My worried are cleared. ^_^

message 24: by Tristan (new)

Tristan Wong (TheMonolith) | 82 comments Assuming a wolf possess the bend in leg associated with many standard wolves (true-to-life version that happen to be anthropomorphic's) is it possible for them to wear boots? Or they stuck with their feet throughout a trek? Because, I've been interested in doing a romance short story, but this is the only thing bugging me...

message 25: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
Mine just go barefoot, they don't wear clothes as wolves XP

message 26: by Tristan (new)

Tristan Wong (TheMonolith) | 82 comments Alanna wrote: "Mine just go barefoot, they don't wear clothes as wolves XP"

Now the only thing we can hope for is that they don't just "happen" to step on a rusty-nail... that would pop a bubble in everyone's mind, now won't it? With the Tetanus shot and all :P.

So would you recommend giving them the full anthro makeover? Or just leave the detail out and just run the story through?

message 27: by Kat (new)

Kat M (cataraqui) | 64 comments Mod
Depends what you mean by 'full anthro makeover?' I thought it was a question of whether they should wear clothes or not, not what shape their body takes?

message 28: by Tristan (new)

Tristan Wong (TheMonolith) | 82 comments Well, for immersion sake, I needed to give them a full body suit for the scenes I've been working on. Here's the thing though, the concept sketches I've been using all have fashionable boots (standard steel-toes) and they look so human, it actually just has me throwing the sketches away, burning the one other half cause I like fire.

To take care of the problem, I gave them a bend in the leg much like other wolves, but now I don't know how to solve the boot problem, hence forth I asked if a full "anthro make-over" would solve the problem.

PS. This Root Beer is just making me thirst, the hell kind of drink is this that makes you thirsty? No wonder small children get sad-faced at it's face, I mean... it doesn't solve thirst, it just exacerbates the problem!

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