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Deadly_pixie name:

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Backgrouns:he was tested on as a child when he got injected with some sort of chemical that allows him to survive in sunlight....he killed all the scientists after he broke free and lives a life of hatred to all humans.
Other:he is rumored to be dangerous.......but those are just rumors.....right?

ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) LOVE. HIM.

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lol thank ya ^^

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your looks great too :)

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Deadly_pixie Oh Mi god.... what is with you and randomly hot guys

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ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) YOU'RE WELCOME :)

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Deadly_pixie .. this makes me sad.. i want boys to acctually look like that...

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Deadly_pixie wrote: ".. this makes me sad.. i want boys to acctually look like that..."


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Deadly_pixie well its truee!!

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments name: James Light
species: Vampire
age: 17
background: Was abandoned as a baby by his parents when they saw the mutation in him. Often as a child when being breast fed he would bite down harder than necessary and drink a mix of blood and milk. He know wanders from town to town trying to find a real reason to stay in any given one. So far he has only met one reason to stay. She committed suicide before he could confess his love. Broken hearted he moved to the next town.
crush: No one can compare to his one true love, or so he thought.
other: Hes sweet, but awhile back he got into drugs when he made the mistake of trying to live in a city, hes often jittery and snaps at people, but hes been clean for 6 months
((Pretend he isnt naked...))

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Other:He is Nickoli's brother.

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Deadly_pixie .......... looks like a sweet heart... or thats just what he WANTS them to think lol

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haha you will find out

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Deadly_pixie hes dead and back to eat the roses!! i SOOOOO KNEW IT!

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lol nope
[image error]

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Deadly_pixie Aweeehhhh okayy

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments name: Matt Fayer
species: Half Demon
age: 243 but he will always look and act like a 17 year old till the day he dies.
background: 243 years ago a young boy was born into a family, they though he was to be a god for the mother was a virgin. She had been seeing a boy though, he was a demon and she was in love. He planted a seed in her and soon she was pregnant with his child. He believed that he would create a demon of masterful proportions, but instead, he had a half demon for a son. Enraged the father tried to kill his son. His mother ran away with him, When he was 15 she died having been caught up to by her lover. Matt battled it out with his father, wounding him enough to get away. He has settled in a small town now, but he knows his father will be back for him some day.
crush: Idk
Demon form
Human form

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments I really feel the need to use ALL of these characters now...

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments I dont know which one you mean, the link is messed up

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments actually all of Deviantart is messed up,

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments lol thats supposed to be Brandon! Lol Ivy's boyfriend!

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Deadly_pixie ...... oh... alright. oops... weeeellllll he NOMMY

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Mishiru_Bruin | 842 comments I KNOW!

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